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Will 7.3.5 be the last patch in Legion before the prelaunch patch or will we be getting a minor content patch after 7.3.5?
This is a 2 part question.

1. Since Varok Saurfang, Baine Bloodhoof and Nathanos Blightcaller are getting model updated. Is there anymore plans update for the other racial leaders like Lor’themar Theron. Moria, Mekkatorque and ect?

2. Is there any plans to retired Black War bear mount for a theme meta mount For the Alliance / For the Horde Achievement For BfA?
What do you see for Demon Hunters from a design and or story standpoint class goal going forward into BFA. The legion is defeated, our purpose. Do we train as Void Hunters now? Why should I keep fighting? What makes me want to play this toon in BFA after I have invested damn near 120 days played at 110 on her.
Are you planning on keeping the paragon rewards system in the next expansion?
After the release of Antorus in a few weeks, when should we expect the BfA prepatch? Mid 2018? Also when will I be able to pre-purchase it? Will Allied races be able to be leveled up before the launch kind of like DH was?

Yours with sincerity
Muffinus mentioned during the press interview that we can start working on Allied Races now by hitting exalted with each of the factions. If our main is Alliance but have an alt as Horde, will; for example; being Exalted with Highmountain on Alliance meet the criteria for unlocking Highmountain allied race?
When approximately can we expect Battle for Azeroth BETA to start? Early 2018 (January-April), mid 2018 (May-August) or late 2018 (September-December)?
Will BM hunters be able to keep the two pet system or are we being robbed of a companion?
With PvE and PvP servers being dissolved into an individual toggle / choice, will the profession recipes and patterns be re-worked to ensure they can all be earned without PvP content for those who opt out?
Is Antorus the last raid of Legion, will there be an ICC to SoO length drought for PvE, while PvP still get new seasons? Even a RS or ToV would be nice.
Are there any plans to have World of Warcraft clasic connected to current World of Warcraft? Such as getting Rok'Delar or corrupted Ashbringer in classic and use it for xmog in current or getting mounts from classic and using them in current.
What classes will Zandalari Trolls/Dark Iron Dwarves be able to play, and when will all of the Allied races be available for play?
Horde is getting 2 more race options for druid. Will there be additional races given druid on Alliance to keep the balance that currently exists?
After other successes in PvE WoW eSports, are there any plans to officially support the raiding competitive race?
Not sure that this is the right place for this question, but has blizzard ever looked at Family passes/discounts for subscriptions and/or purchases? Including my wife and kids there are 5 (eventually 6) potential people that would love to play the game together, but the cost of 3 base games (the wife and I already have this), 5 expansion packs, and then game time, all coming out of 1 pocket makes it impossible
11/13/2017 12:02 PMPosted by Agamotto
What is planned for the Honor Prestige system in BfA? Will we still need to grind for our honor talents? Or even have honor talents anymore?
With Zandalar and Kul Trias, can hunters expect any new tameable beasts like the pterrorwings from the Isle of Giants and shown in the trailers? In addition, any possibility for more stable slots for hunters?
Any plans to update weapon xmog restrictions for fist weapons specifically? Will I ever get to see my mage tower Xuen claws again?
The question:
We understand that it would be ideal to go after top end defensives capabilities of the most sturdy specs, but in the meantime can something be done for Antorus about what is arguably, by far, the most defenseless spec, shamans?

The relevance:
It is, with the most absolute sincerity, nerve racking to play enhancement defensive wise, creating a really bad experience, and even some prejudice among the community.. and let me state this: I would definitely not mind being the less sturdy spec, if! it wasn't for a mile.. please eliminate this severe outlier now.. don't let us go for another year like this when a fix would be so straightforward.

-no passive damage reduction trait
-low healing because healing surge did not scale well with AP contrary to %HP based heals
-one very long active damage reduction CD
-low armor and no shield so Enhancement is even worse than Elemental taking around 10% more physical dmg and it is meele which is by far more dangerous
-worst cheat death by far in the game
-no crazy mobility to compensate

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