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Also Rude wants to know if Daze is going away
11/13/2017 12:09 PMPosted by Agamotto
Will PVP queues see a change? Any hope for #soloqueue? Built-in voice brings wow in line with other Blizzard games that support this option.

Support this question greatly. Ion, please announce a new pvp lead plz
In BfA, will we see pairs of weapons drop in a single item, like how certain artifacts count as both main-hand and off-hand weapon but only take up one bag slot?
11/13/2017 12:33 PMPosted by Zharon
What is going to happen to our beloved Underlight Angler come Battle for Azeroth?

If you remove this item from WoW I'm done with this game
Will the old Zandalar Tribe rep have any bearing on the new Zandalari Trolls?
Are there plans on buffing drop rates of Legendaries?
Who is in charge of WoW:Classic?
It was stated at Blizzcon that whilst we are not getting new Worgen/Goblin model updates on 8.0 they are being worked on, is it safe to assume that we may get them shortly after 8.0 or towards the later end of the expansion?

(Sorry, I guess the Worgen/Goblin model question is a big reoccurring one!)
With the upcoming T21 4pc Elemental will become the most RNG spec in the game. Are there any changes planned to address this?
Any work being done on Outlaw rogues?
Does the azerite grind have a definite end point which players will be able to reach, or is it more like concordance/ap; a never-ending treadmill?
Can we expect to see any Dark Trolls, ancestors of the Night Elves, in BfA? Also, will the allied races be getting their own racial mounts like the current races?
I like the pirate themed dungeon that was previewed at Blizzcon, I also play Falstad sometimes in Heroes of the Storm....fellas, talk to me about parrot mounts.....confirm or deny?
1. Will the Heart of Azeroth have any sort of alt catch-up mechanics for those asked to switch raiding toons mid expansion?

2. When a new Allied Race character starts, will they have any sort of intro questline or will they just be placed in Orgrimmar/Stormwind next to the task board?

3. Do you know yet what the Allied Race prerequisites will be, so that we might start working on them while we wait?

4. Will each of the new Allied Races play into the story of BfA beyond just being added as playable characters?

5. Beyond 7.3.5, do you have any other patches slated for Legion before the pre-expansion patch?

6. Is there a big unannounced change in BfA that you are excited about? If so, is it in development or in the design stage?

7. How do you see the companion app fitting in post-Legion, if at all? If not, will you be turning off it's functionality post 110 or will I be able to keep getting gold from the app at level 120?
Any plans on getting rid of weird weapon restrictions on player specs that weren't there previously? Example: Quest rewards a 1h sword and slam only works with 2h weapons, i was level 4.
No major class changes are coming in BFA as was said at Blizzcon, but will demonology warlocks receive quality of life changes to demonic empowerment?
Will stats be more evenly spread out among the new gear, so we don't see mastery this mastery that on everything?
Will we still be able to acquire Legion legendaries after Battle for Azeroth is released?
We will finally see more slots at stables for hunters?
Why would the Army of the Light turn on the Horde, and why would a simple feast turn the High Mountain away from the Alliance?

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