931 shadow priest lf weekend raiding guild

Guild Recruitment
Looking for mythic progression, let me know your raid times.

Also have a mage at 920 ilvl
<Elevate> A new guild founded on Stormrage by long time friends(10+ years) who decided to form our own guild with a 5/9m lead is looking for more members to come join us for Antorus and future content! We currently are in search of all rolls and classes to fill our ranks no trial period will be needed as we are recruiting for core positions only!

Raid Schedule
So people have asked the following its Sat night and Sun night(12:30-3am est)

Sat 12:30- 3:00am EST Mandatory Progression
Sun 12:30- 3:00am EST Mandatory Progression

What we are looking for!
Mature patient Raiders who will stick around for progression through thick and thin. This means players that will stay and grow with us not jump at the first opportunity for better progression as we strive to bring the whole guild up to a better progression standpoint!

Raiders who are active in the guild and not just on for raid nights as we have other activities on off raid days to help build us as a team and get to know everyone in its entirety.

Raiders who follow mechanics and work to be better every pull and not just worry about parses or being top DPS though you should be striving for both max DPS and following mechanics to provide best possible performance.

We are currently looking for

Restoration shaman


Affliction Lock
Ret Pally
Fire or Frost Mage
Assassination or Sub Rouge
Havoc Demon Hunter
Shadow Priest

All other exceptional players should still inquire for a interview.

If this sounds like the right fit for you please contact me or one of the officers below.

GM/Raid Lead Natas#1536
Council Member Vahrone#1736
Hey there, Deadera!

I'm an officer for <Pinnacle> (6/9M) on Aerie Peak alliance. We are a semi-hardcore team looking to recruit a few more exceptional DPS for M ToS and beyond!

Raid times:
8pm - 11pm EST

If you're interested, check out our detailed post at:

If you have any additional questions, you can contact me on bnet @ nibrca#1645 or on discord @ OrbitalDensity#8985 and if we stick out to you, you can apply at https://goo.gl/forms/0EPouMZ13G2QfSAS2 and I will get back to you :D.

Thanks for your time!

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