A <Clouded Minds> is recruiting!

Mok'Nathal and Silvermoon
<Clouded Minds> is currently seeking dps and 1 healer that is also comfortable with dps for continued heroic and mythic progression! As one of the oldest guilds on server (12 years strong!) we are committed to having a fun, relaxed, yet progression minded group.

We are 9/9H Tomb and looking to fill up our roster for Antorus. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays 7-10PST. We need dps, with no current warriors and DKs on our roster, and 1 healer/dps player. Of course, any exceptional player will always be considered and are encouraged to check us out.

Feel free to reach out to me @Starknight#1698, Swingdancer @Swing#1824, and/or Mulcy @neemoy#1951, or join our discord channel and tell us about yourself in our raid_recruitment channel @ https://discord.gg/BvAxtVy.
still recruiting 11/11 H ant recruiting heals and dps need few more for mythic progression

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