[H] Expd. rDruid LF Weekend Raiding Guild

Guild Recruitment
As the title suggests, I'm currently interested in maining a Resto Druid for a weekend raiding guild.

To elaborate, I played earlier in the expansion as a multi-class healer main and have the Dreamer title from killing Xavius before the release of Nighthold. I stopped playing a week into the release of Nighthold. Been messing around on Elysium & real life, but with the announcement of the new raid & expansion I'd like to continue playing.

I have experience being a guild master, officer, healer class leader, whatever, over my time playing the game. In general I would say that I'm objectively better than a lot of the competition.

To keep things concise, I'm primarily searching for a guild that will invest into me what I invest into it; I expect a progressed guild that has security in its longevity for which I will be doing the same by optimizing my own character to the best of my ability.

If you feel that your guild could be a good match, please feel free to contact me at Phx#11464. Thanks for reading.

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