Coolest Artifact Weapon?

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What class/spec do you think has the coolest artifact weapon? Both in terms of lore and look (any skin).
Personally, frost DK.
Frost DK. Obviously.

I never liked Ashbringer, which I assume will be a popular answer.

Doomhammer is good. Yeah.
Ascended watch skin of Light's wrath though I feel it looks more suited to Holy but whatever
Models: Outlaw Rogue and Frost DK challenge skins.
Lore: Blood DK. Reading about the Maw and learning it could get its revenge at the end of Tomb was amazing. It felt so good when my axe finally got revenge after defeating KJ. Sure its not the strongest weapon out there, lorewise, but at least its relevant for the Legion storyline.
I think The Silver Hand (holy artifact weapon) is amazing. I love every single skin there is. There’s a new form of hammer as well (Balance of power skin) that we haven’t seen until now. Looks amazing.

The blood/unholy DK artifact weapons are amazing as well. Blood specifically has some really good looking skins and they have some new-ish colors too like white.
Ret pally lore

Feral druid looks
*Holds Fangs of Ashamane up in paws

Kitty artifact makes me a sparkle kitty!

And bear skins, they are badassary too.
I really like the shadow priest weapon as my first pick.

I also like the Resto Shaman, fire mage, and the mist weaver weapon.
In terms of Lore, Ashbringer. In terms of looks, I like the Arcanite Bladebreaker skin for Strom'Kar the War-Breaker.

My personal preference, however, would have been to keep Frost DK as a 2h spec with Shadowmourne, the sister blade of Frostmourne forged specifically to take down the Lich King and create a new less-evil future for Death Knights.

I really like most of the artifact appearances to be honest. Only ones I'm not too enthused with are the priest weapons and the Windwalker hand blades.
I'd probably say Destruction Warlock - PvP, Balance of Power and Mage Tower appearances.
Then I'd go with Frost Mage Balance of Power staff.
Colour me weird but I really like the initial version of the spriest dagger, and I'm not enthusiastic about any of the upgraded skins :3

My favourite overall is the Prot warrior challenge shield and flail, it looks amazing, great detail and coloring.
Light's Wrath for both looks and lore
It was carried by Scarlet Crusaders, case closed
I love the lore for Light’s Wrath. Created by the Scarlet Crusade to rival Ashbringer, sign me up! Plus it was a new, unique weapon.

Appearance wise - Outlaw Rogue’s challenge skin. The rapiers look awesome.

For disappointing ones- WW monk. It was my main, but it failed on two accounts. The first being that we got some random weapon from Uldum when Elemental shamans walked out with the fist of Ra-Den. The weapons never felt like it suited us.
My biggest gripe: They were invisible all expansion! No, seriously. They go through the effort of making all of these skins, but they never fix the issue that WW’s never see their fist weapons in combat. This was a bug that was out since Mists, and they promised us that they would fix it for Legion for the artifacts, and guess what. They never did. And I say promised because Celestalon tweeted to WW that our fist weapons would be visible in combat. Like what kind of let down is that for an entire expansion. We couldn’t even mog them into one handed weapons to have something to look at.

For disappointing looks, I also don’t care for most of Arcane’s staffs. The challenge mode one is okay.

Nothing beats mage tower DayGlo kitty.
Titanstrike cause hunters get Hati.
1. Affliction warlock artifact weapon looks sexy
2. Ashbringer in fire version
3. Arcane mage (The second skin that you get)
Doomhammer, not because of the hammer itself, but because you then summon a HAMMER MADE OF FIRE to dual wield with.
Moonkin artifact is literally a werewolf apocalypse on a stick.
I like the Brewmaster staff with the keg hanging off the end... mmmmm beer.

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