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11/08/2017 12:24 PMPosted by Lucifire
With no expansions, Classic WoW will eventually die. How long can a player keep re-playing vanilla? Will players demand Classic Burning Crusade as an expansion? lol

You couldn't be more wrong.

People are playing Diablo 2 in 800x600 resolution because they dislike Diablo 3 that much. The game is almost 18 years old and hasn't had a patch in many years.

Classic will survive without expansions following it because, if it is successful, it will give devs an idea what players really want [in live]. In that case, everyone wins. Classic players get an unchanging time machine back to the "good ole days" and live players will hopefully get the "World" back in World of Warcraft.
To be fair when wow launched (classic) i dont think they had an expansion planned.
I got WOW on launch day and far out classic was so good and HARD compared to now. (Ps I have not played for a VERY long time.. since wotlk was released which i never got)

As you can see from my character I'm only level 53 and stopped playing when the level cap was only 70.

Classic likely wont be for the new young players as it takes a lot of time and dedication to level up etc. and DOES NOT HOLD YOUR HAND!
11/08/2017 12:24 PMPosted by Lucifire
With no expansions, Classic WoW will eventually die. How long can a player keep re-playing vanilla?

Actually, I think you'll be surprised at how long it will persist with a static 1.12 build.
Blizz already expects classic to be dead in a few months, you could tell because of how ion answered about populations.
The same way people still play D2 and the way tens of thousands still play vanilla on private servers.
Personally, I wouldn't mind a Classic TBC down the line as I never did raids for TBC either. I did do some raiding in WotLK but not a ton, so I could give that a go. At the same time, if they felt like implementing a new time line and unique Classic WoW content after a few years (and the popularity can be gauged) that would be cool, too (possibly even cooler if they get it right).

I keep thinking they are going to roll out Classic WoW and then declare Retail WoW is a totally different, alternate timeline and then bust out WC4. Also, tinfoil is such a good insulator, keeps my head nice and warm.
It's vanilla, it takes longer than a day to hit max lvl, and raids aren't nerfed if they aren't cleared in the first week like retail... It will be years before the average player completes everything...
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01/14/2018 01:17 PMPosted by Vanbracken
It's been 10 years since vanilla and people have been playing vanilla on private servers for 10 years with no signs of stopping, so why would it stop now?

I see this as a "stop liking what I don't like" post

I don't think it's quite that extreme. As I posted further up, I think this is based on bringing live's assumptions to Classic; no one plays WoW for fun, surely, so whatdyagonnado when the gear treadmill runs dry, huh?

Still, as you point out--goofy premise.

I only play games for fun, not sure what you play them for...
11/08/2017 12:33 PMPosted by Bashwick
My honest thought: we might get an expansion release schedule similar to retail WoW.

One vanilla server at launch. Later, that server has Burning Crusade released. At the time this is announced, another server opens that will forever remain vanilla. Transfers are opened between the soon-to-be-TBC server to the forever-vanilla server.

Now we have one vanilla server and one TBC server.

This repeats until we have a server for every era of WoW. Vanilla, TBC, Wrath, and even Cata. It might possibly end around there, who knows.

Sounds like you spend a lot of time in EQ?

All this, I believe, depends on one thing. How successful Classic is. If we start with 3 million players and settle long-range around 1.5 million or higher, chances are probably good. However, if after a year we're down to 25,000 players, they'll probably shut it down.

Remember, in the end, It's All About the Money.
Would make sense for WOW Classic to have unique WOW Classic expansions. Why release Burning Crusade? You can play it on's virtually identical to the original release, same quests, etc.

Would suggest expansions unique to Classic. For example...why not a Gilneas expansion? Not what's in live, but something unique, without adding Worgen as a playable race. Or a Blood Elf expansion, where you can enter the Ghostlands and Eversong, but it's completely different, reflecting the Classic motif and reality.

If they do open up Outland, then maybe it should look a little bit like Draenor in WOD? Anyway looking forward to what the team does.
11/08/2017 12:24 PMPosted by Lucifire
With no expansions, Classic WoW will eventually die. How long can a player keep re-playing vanilla? Will players demand Classic Burning Crusade as an expansion? lol

As such Classic WoW does not seem well suited to a monthly subscription fee. Classic WoW appears to be a standalone game.

I don't mean to be negative, just wondering what others think about this.

500 threads of this. go away
I will play Classic for literally the rest of my life. I will make a toon for each spec I want to play.... which is almost all of them.
With an average of 5-6 days /played to JUST hit level 60, and with the year or however long vanilla lasted before TBC with only 0.1% of people to experience the end of Naxxramas, I'd say there's more content to enjoy than most modern mmorpgs and my description barely scratches the surface.
If there is demand for it I would much rather classic get expansions that are essentially fan service. Doing what the community asks for. I would imagine we don't go past level 60. We just get more content to progress through. Keep the same difficulty but maybe over time improve classes/specs to better fit their intended role.

Keep it like an RPG. Don't dumb down classes. Just improve the ones that really do need it if blizzard is willing to do additional content for classic after naxxramas is released and out for a while.

They could essentially turn it into an alternate timeline WoW where they do the story and characters justice. Not wasting characters like kael'thas and others as raid bosses we kill off because that was simply the coolest thing they could do with the tech they had at the time.
Jesus, this post is a year old just let it die.
2-4 months per class to get to 60 2-4 months to gear them out and 9 classes.

Do the math, there is years worth of content.

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