[A] <VGG> Fri/Sat 11/11M LFM BFA!

gorb is cool guy
Hi, I'd be interested in talking with someone. I have this mage and a Holy Priest, and potentially a Holy Paladin. I'm hesitant to just add someone to Battle-tag, so I wanted to post first. Are you still looking for ranged and healers?
Boomkin Let me trial superxnova#1198
Looking for more for BFA!

Melee: DK
Ranged: Any, high need for Mage
Looking to come back to the Alliance, but also step down a bit from the hardcore Mythic progression. 9/11 Antorus Mythic - check out this characters profile. I'd like to switch back to my original vanilla warlock as my main and maybe later prot/ret pally as a backup. Both are fresh 110s so not geared but ready for BFA. I won't be on too much till BFA, recharging to hit the ground running. Just want to find a home before launch.
Hit me up.
I added a few of the posted names to talk about applying for the guild. Hope to hear back from you soon, thanks.
Hello, looking to come back for BFA as well.

Extensive raiding experience since ICC WotLK on warlock and switched to shadow priest for most of legion, taking a break from the game midway through Tomb. 4/9 M Tomb and 8/10 M Nighthold, logs are on warcraftlogs.com. Looking to change back to warlock for BFA.

Feel free to contact me for more info. Really like the raid times.

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