[H] Notion | 40/40M | #3 6hr/week

Guild Recruitment
GUILD: Notion @ Thrall (H)
PROGRESS: 11/11M ABT (US 159, WW 477)
RAID TIMES: t/w 8-11 CST
LOOT: Personal (WTF, really? Yes)
SALES RUN: Sunday 9EST (https://discord.gg/2MuBU3h)
NEEDS: DPS (any role)

Exceptional players are also encouraged to apply!

About Notion: We have been around 8+ years. US#1 6 hour/week for ToS. US#3 6 hour/week for ABT. We have done personal loot all Legion.

Personal loot + 6 hours/week = ez memes = Notion

WANT TO JOIN?! CONTACT: Discord (attillaa#7112) or join @ https://discord.gg/gC688pD

Or, if you are not interested in joining, feel free to troll these streams:
  • Log (disc priest & president of the pom squad for Josh@Method):
  • https://twitch.tv/lserman

  • Ben ("I was once a AAA hockey player, but now I'm fat", resto shaman):
  • https://twitch.tv/notionsstorm

  • Thor (12 1/2 year old mm hunter - keep this chat PG):
  • https://twitch.tv/thordiern

  • Psytoxic (Blood DK - standard white boy gamer with cam):
  • https://www.twitch.tv/psytoxicstreams/

  • Bench (I'm not sure what spec he is, has never been in a raid):
  • twitch.tv/silverrwolf
    maybe 1 god tier dps
    Are you guys really the #1 personal loot guild in the US?

    That is a great question and one I can answer with little research and a certain amount of confidence. Yes, we are most likely the #1 US personal loot guild only because I know of no other top 200 guild that uses PL.

    A followup to that, could there be something wrong if only one guild in 200 uses personal loot?

    Another great question and I'd have to answer with a yes. The other 199 guilds just haven't figured out the power of personal loot.
    Needs: Nothing.
    Desires: DPS Gods.
    Please troll our streams for Antorus. We deserve anything you can dish out.
    Notion 1
    Heroic 0

    6 hours of raiding per week

    What to do with the other 162?
    162 hours to grind ap
    11/11h and 2/11m in first 3 hours last night

    3 more hours tonight

    We going to finish this week 4/11 or 5/11m!?
    maybe a god range dps could join
    maybe not
    We successfully defended the tree.

    5/11M and looking for a dps!? Maybe a range!? Preferably a god!
    Hmmmmm. This week is looking joocy.

    Subing our prot paladin in as our bear tank is out skiing. Don't worry folks, this prot paladin carried us to our KJ kill before committing suicide for having MT'ed all of ToS as a Prot Paladin....only to resurrect himself for Imonar.
    bridge guy be dead, kin'garoth soon to follow
    kin'garoth ded
    now 2 try vari 3 tank memes
    Does Vari die this week?

    Who cares.

    The real question is 'When does Coven die?!'

    7/11m in the first 3 hours.

    3 more for a possible vari kill if we aren't !@#$%.
    8/11 and some good coven prog! ....almost a chance at that highfather...

    All dungeons now reward Personal Loot.

    First it is trinkets off of Argus and now this. PERSONAL LOOT IS TAKING OVER!
    Coven ded stacking that range even with that amazing 7.3.5 patch that helped our raid fps
    Guys and girls. We have a big problem. Typically, with our 6 hour/week schedule we have that perfect progression pace to where nerfs happen the week before we get to said boss.

    But, with our quick prog, I don't think we will be seeing those nerfs for Agg/Argus.

    This guild is full of !@#$%, myself included, and I'm not sure how we will do with pre-nerf final bosses.

    For all of you Blizzard devs that read this thread, I'll take Agg nerfs on 2-13 and Argus nerfs 3 weeks later.

    Thanks in advance for all you do Blizzard. Please shoot for those nerfs +/- 1 week from the above stated dates.

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