940 VDH / 927 BDK Tank LFG Antorus

Guild Recruitment
Quick facts about me:
27yrs old
Air Force
Been raiding for 12yrs on and off
940 VDH / 927 BDK

Raid Times:
Monday - Thursday (Two days a week)
Any time for two hours after 6:15 pm EST.

Took a break after my son was born.

My wife has blessed me with permission to raid again! Whipped!! Being a husband and a father comes first in life.

A very skilled player looking for other skilled players to push through Antorus with and hopefully into mythic Antorus.

Willing to transfer for the right guild.

I prefer playing BDK because it is fresh for me and much stronger in M+ and raids than my DH; however, I do really enjoy playing my DH.

Thanks for taking time reading this and hope to hear from you soon.

My bnet is tyler109j#11465.



I'm chill AF
Beast tank.
Thanks. Know anyone LF a tank?
BDK is now 932
Hello Givhrdmon,

Congrats on becoming a father, additionally if you can do 3hrs raid please consider us. Our group of members would fit your definitions perfectly.

Wipe Scene Investigators (WSI), a Mythic progression guild on Mal’Ganis is expanding to include a B-TEAM! What does this mean? We are looking to gather players like you.

THE GOAL: Our primary goal in this B-TEAM is to progress heroic and press M+ with the opportunity to step into the core team for mythic. The team is there to progress together through alts and raids at a decent pace. The chance of expanding is definitely still up is potential.

Who Are We Looking For: If the following sounds like you hit us up.
    1. Hardcore player looking to fill up free time with an alt.

    2. A Mythic level player who recently has been busy with real life and looking to find a mythic guild, but has the ability to sit out.

    3. A heroic player looking to push and get a chance in mythic experience in making the A team.

    4. Lastly a heroic player not able to get the numbers for mythic, but willing to join a bigger guild in the chance for a mythic spot.

Current Guilds Progression:
  • A-Team: 8/10M NH, 6/9M ToS, 6/11H ABT
  • B-Team:4/11N ABT

For additional information and to apply, please contact one of our officers listed below. A short interview in Discord will be conducted, followed by a trial run with the guild. Currently looking for those 920ilvl+, gearing up is limited and Mythic progression is the only focus.

Raid Times: B-TEAM
    Tuesday 8-11PM EST

    Thursday 8-11PM EST (Varies to 10:30pm EST)

    (OPTIONAL) - Sunday 8-11PM EST (A-Team Raids this night)

  • BronzZero#1897 - BronzZero
  • Touczz#1764 - Touczz
  • Ripshot#1242 - Ripshotbh

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