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Guild Recruitment
954 ilvl ⚜️ LF guild for Antorus
EXP: 7/11H Antorus 7/9M ToS
Availability/Start: After 9 PM PST
Availability/End: Before 9 AM PST

Class: Warrior (bis 945-950 ilvl)
Main: Tank (7/11H, 7/9M, 9/9H)
OS: Arms, Fury (2/9M, 9/9H)

Traits: 75+ALL
Legendary: BIS+ALL
Transfer: Yes, I will transfer to "most" servers.

Btag: vvar#1359
Discord: https://discord.gg/pJJnHgT

In-game Goals:
- 50%+ current tier mythic raid boss progression.
- 2k+ Rating in PVP/RBGs current season.
- Mythic raid transmogrify runs in current expansion.
- Mythic+ 15-30 Keystones within timer.
- Become part of an active late night community.
- Become part of a fun & friendly community that feels like home.

NOTE: I do not require a guild to meet all these goals, but it would be nice if the guild could help with a few of them.

Thank you for your time,

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