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Guild Recruitment
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Hello lads, below you'll find what we need and other information. If you don't see your class/role, inquire anyway.Improving our roster is always a goal. Low geared players don't be afraid to ask, gearing is easy.

Casual players who may not make each raid are welcome as well, more players the better.

What we need:


Healers Resto Druid, H priest


Hunter (high)

Warlock (high)

Shadow Priest (meduim)




Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8-11PM EST


RC Loot Council: An addon we use to fairly distribute loot to improve our raid team as a whole.



A little about us: We are a core group of friends who have played together since Wrath. We enjoy raiding together and pushing mythic content. We are generally laid back, having fun while we raid. If it's distracting and begins to cause problems with progressing, we'll tighten it up so we can get the content down. During off nights if mythic+ isn't needed for any member, we play other games with one another in discord, League, Destiny 2, Overwatch, etc. Or leveling alts conversing with any members.

How to reach us

Battletags: GaryOak#1116 (me), Rith#11163
I miss Dropremix the paladin, good people fam
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Hey bois
Hit me up when you got time. Myself and a 930 tank/holy offspec pally are interested in joining
Bnet: Peekapew#1968
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I need a dps dad
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I'll take undergeared lads too
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Welcome to the league of draven

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