How did you find out about WoW?

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I found out when I first watched Make Love, Not Warcraft back in 2007. I'm curious as to how others found out and when.
Co-workers said, "Hey, you like MMO's right? Join us in this one..."
I went Alliance, they were Horde, and they never told me about it...
I found out when my son was in Undercity and was a little kid. I happened to walk past the computer and he and a little friend of his from school had downloaded it. Bad parent me, right?

I told him the game looked evil and too mature for him.

Then I started playing it with him.
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I found out when I first watched Make Love, Not Warcraft back in 2007. I'm curious as to how others found out and when.

A friend of mine from HS told me about the game and gave me a trial version. I played it with him and thought to myself to continue playing it with him. This was way back in 2005. Oh how the years have flown.
My husband was a beta tester for wow back in 2004. I watched him play and the beta version looked hysterical, very cartoony. I was playing EQ and UO at the time and he wanted me to join when it went live. It took 2 years of convincing for me to join wow in 2006.
My buddy told me about this great game that you could play, if you could only log in. I said to myself, I like not playing a great game and so I signed on.
A colleague told me it was like playing Zelda but online with lots of other people around the world, he lied but im still here lol
Well, I played Warcraft I Orcs and Humans as a senior in high school. I made some money lifeguarding one summer, and bought and put together my first computer. I had played the Dune II RTS game and enjoyed it so I realized I liked RTS games. And then I saw WCI, and it looked like a cross between the Dune II style, and fantasy world like Tolkien which I also enjoyed a lot.

Later I played WCII in college. I played WCIII as a young adult. (and I also played the Diablo and Starcraft franchises, but was always most interested in Warcraft).

I also enjoyed text based MUDs, table top RPGs earlier on. And liked both Evequest and Dark Age of Camelot when they came out, so I knew I liked MMOs.

I followed Blizzard pretty closely since they were basically my favorite gaming company, so when I saw they were putting together a Warcraft MMO, I was thrilled. I think I saw a proto-type of the original classic game on a quick video way way back that a friend from college shared. I wound up trying out the classic beta when it was active.

And then I started day one, 11/23/2004.
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I found out when I first watched Make Love, Not Warcraft back in 2007. I'm curious as to how others found out and when.

Yup, South Park.

I started mid BC and I've been going strong ever since.
After playing lots of StarCraft, Diablo II, and WarCraft III I discovered MMOs through Star Wars Galaxies, which I absolutely loved. After a little while though, I wanted to try another game in the MMO genre, and when I found out there was a WarCraft one it went to the top of my list to try out. Tried EQ2 around the same time as well, but there were a lot of things I didn't like about that game.
my bro was playing it
I happened to see a documentary on WoW and its addictiveness, ruined lives etc. And just thought I would just have to see what it is all about.
Already knew about it since i've been into Blizzard's games for a while, but an old FB convinced me to play, been having fun ever since (with a hiatus here and there though).
Originally a friend told me about this "free game" he had set up to play with his friends. Then I decided to do some googling and discovered Blizzard and WOW, and realized how enjoyable it was to play in a game with more than just 3 other people.

So nowadays I when I know I'm going to have some down time, I buy a month of game time and enjoy myself for that month.
My brother's friend of a friend's second roommate's cousin's uncle's nephew's aunt's grandmother twice removed from the family but still remained in contact with the friend's friend of a friend's second cousin's co-wor--- Okay, I think that's gone on long enough...

My brother bought it. Told me that I could make ONE character so I did. A female Dwarf Pally named Korralynn. I remember because when I hit level 40; while he was at work, I got my very first mount.

He came home, I said "I got to show you something!" and mounted up. He got uber upset, screaming out : "How did you get your mount!?!!" and when I told him the game "Gave it to me"; he went on like a ten minute rant. I logged off, let him have his game and then later; came back to find poor Korralynn was deleted!

After that, I got a job and bought my OWN copy of Warcraft, made a Horde Forsaken Rogue on his pvp server (Burning Blade) and ground, ground, ground myself to level 60. I would then find excuses to go into his room, "Oh, Can I borrow your Phil Collins' cds for a bit?" and look to where he was. Make my way to where he was and just gank the ba-jeezus out of him.
I found about it by those old WoW commercials they used to give on TV. I didn't have a computer at the time so I just played on console. Until 2010 when I first got my laptop and started to experience the mmorpg genre and ended up loving it. Though those mmorpg wasnt WoW but those free to play ones lol.

I had a few friends who played WoW and they recommend it to me, I got on that free trial or free up to level 20. I ended up loving it. Asked my father if it was possible for him to get me the game with the Pandaria expansion since it was on a 50% off sale.

Started on Feb 21, 2013.
Diablo 2 clan

"Were gonna playing World of Warcraft, you gonna play"

I remember seeing a friend playing it at a LAN I was at, and within a short time everyone was playing it (WoW single-handedly destroyed LAN party weekends NTTAWRT).
I lived out in the country and so only had internet access via dial-up. I waited to sign up to WoW until a friend of mine had been to Melbourne and tried it while he was over there visiting his GF (now wife). He said it was ok, so I signed up on 26th Jan 2006. Been playing on and off ever since.
South Park
someone on told me about it


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