[H] Sylvanas for Warchief

<Sylvanas for Warchief> is a small casual N/H raid guild that aims to foster a helpful and close-knit environment. We welcome new players and veterans alike.. No experience necessary, but please have a willingness to learn, follow direction, be punctual and reliable. Guild provides most raiding necessities (Enchants, Gems, Consumables).

Wednesday & Thursday
7:15 - 10p CST (realm time)

We are looking for a few more DPS to round out our raid team.
Priority classes/specs: Rogue (subtlety, assassination), Hunter (any), Druid (feral, balance), DH (havoc), DK (frost, unholy), Monk (ww), Priest (shadow)
Sorry, we do not currently require any dedicated tanks. We could use a swing healer, prefer either WW Monk with MW offspec, or Shadow Priest with Holy offspec (no Disc, please).

GM - Ðirt - Btag: Chemtale#11302 - Discord: Chemtale#9347
Officers - Zariva, Lightbrew, Ayathul, Amorian
Updated to reflect current needs
Updated. Still looking for a couple reliable dps!
Bumping for great justice! Would be wonderful to find some new members for Battle For Azeroth! Also Updating our progress, we are officially 11/11H in Antorus!
Updated. We could use a few more bodies for BfA.
Again, updated. Looking for some ranged dps!
If you are looking for a rogue please feel free to hit me up in game. Thanks.
Updating to reflect our current needs.

Come RAID with us! Currently 4/8N Uldir.

Recruiting now specifically for Hunter, Rogue or Frost/Unholy DK.
All DPS considered.

Add me and let's talk!

Guild Recruitment Officer - Basp#1700
Guild Master - Chemtale#11302

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