Nostalgic for that friendly team vibe?

Guild Recruitment

<Ten Million Years> is a Horde guild on the Emerald Dream server. Started recently by a couple of nostalgic returning players, we're looking to build the team of our dreams around a few simple concepts:

1 - Raiding. We want a consistent team of 10+ folks who improve each other, do their best, and tackle new content with intelligence, talent, and style.

2 - Enjoy Battle for Azeroth. The concept for the next expansion is interesting and we want to hit the ground running. For the Horde!

3 - Kind people. We're gonna spend a lot of time together so we want to feel happy and at home while in Azeroth.

4 - Region. It would be interesting if we could meet up with our guildies every so often. We're based in Oregon and Washington, especially Seattle, Portland and Tacoma. This isn't mandatory for joining us of course.

Feel free to message my BattleTag Foundation#1169 or find any of us in game. Thanks!

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