Will the Jump-Bug ever get fixed?

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I'm sure I'm not the only person to experience this. It first started when I was playing my Demon Hunter and I thought it was just a bug on them but now I realize it happens to every class that has a falling dampener. I mean like Levitate, Slow Fall, Gliding, etc.

Sometimes when you jump down a flight of stairs, for example, and activate your ability (as a Priest, Levitate) the game disconnects you as you land.

Just a while ago I jumped down a hill and activated Levitate because I was heading towards water. As soon as I landed, BOOM!

You have been disconnected from server.

I seriously hope this gets fixed and doesn't head into BOA.
Was on the quest to go into the cave underwater in Suramar after going to the crash site. I came up inside the cave and activated Levitate. Got disconnected upon touching the water.
Alliaracy, you are not alone. No one is replying because they are sick of dealing with it and getting no response from Blizzard. I had no idea that this goes as far back as "2012"?!?!?!?!?!? Probably earlier.
I do know now that this issue is just not isolated to jumps (to be specific - landing onto the terrain) and geography within the world of Warcraft. It is simply when the character collides with an object or terrain (based on my own experience and forum discussions) at a high speed mid-flight (faster than running; like descending with fall abilities or increased speed ability w/ a jump). So, I noticed it only occurring with two variables: 1) increased speed mid-flight (i.e. falling/speed ability) and with an 2) activated ability/abilities (e.g. Angelic feather w/ Levitate or falling with Levitate into terrain/object). Geography and type of terrain are not variables to the cause from what I gathered.

Workaround: try not to bring those two variables together. I know it sucks but it doesn't look like we are going to find out what the issue is.

Blizzard is it possible to take a look at this? What is happening is that since this issue has been going on so long, less people are reporting it and just dealing with it. An "ignore-the-problem-and-it-will-probably-go-away" technique is not good. So, a reply from Blizzard is essential for these forums. This is seriously affecting game play. Not sure why this is not at the top of the list for bug fixes or research or a good reply to set us at ease. I'm sure the server logs show many players disconnecting from the server w/ that disconnect error code (WOW51900319) and can be correlated to the cause -> high speed mid-flight collision.

On the application layer your code is probably not allowing the character to violate the object it is colliding while mid-flight (air to ground/object). So, you have a hard set anti-exploit code that disconnects users "by design", if that ever occurs (WOW51900319). I believe that code needs to be revised if it is truly the cause to the effect. I dunno.

I may be reaching or sound stupid right now but, just trying to move forward and help.

Does this hold any priority on your bug/research list? Isn't this happening ALOT on the server logs? If so, what is being done? Just asking because we are paying for this service.

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