Star Augur--Only Unique Tank Mechanic So Far

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If we define a "tank mechanic" as something above and beyond using cooldowns and positioning the boss:

M-KJ: Taunt Swap + Soaks (and very difficult cooldown usage)
M-FA: Taunt Swap + Careful Positioning
M-Maiden: Taunt Swap
M-Mistress: Taunt Swap
M-Desolate Host: Taunt Swap + adds
M-Sisters: Taunt Swap
M-Harjatan: Taunt Swap
M-Demonic Inquisition: 3-tank tag-team Taunt Swap
M-Goroth: Taunt swap

M-Gul'dan: He had three mechanics genuinely aimed at tanks, but Flame Crash is the most inconsequential ability of the entire fight, and Soulsever just required CDs. Scythe, however, I'd like to see more of, as there were timing issues for setting it off.
M-Elisande: Taunt Swap
M-Botanist: Taunt Swap
M-Star Augur: Taunt Swap + *** (below)
M-Tichondrius: Taunt Swap + adds
M-Krosus: Taunt Swap
M-Trilliax: Taunt Swap + split cleave
M-Chronomatic Anomaly: Taunt Swap + extra action button
M-Skorpyron: 1 boss, 1 adds

M-Helya: Taunt Swap
M-Guarm: Taunt Swap
M-Odyn: Taunt Swap

M-Xavius: Taunt Swap (complicated by corruption a bit)
M-Cenarius: Burn + Taunt Swap
M-Il'gynoth: Tank 1 tentacle each
M-Elerethe: Taunt Swap
M-Ursoc: Taunt Swap
M-Dragons of Nightmare: Taunt Swap
M-Nythendra: Taunt Swap

***So if you look at the previous 3 (1/2) tiers, the only fight where the tank was doing something outside of their normal duties was Star Augur, both in P1 and P2. P1 was dropping the debuff, P2 with the meteors.

Gul'dan and KJ get partial credit because they required such complicated cooldown usage, but the tanks were ultimately still doing their normal thing.

So it's not like the sky is falling. Non-bear tanks are interesting to play. They're DPS whose cooldowns focus on incoming damage instead of outgoing damage, and a lot of thought and polish has gone in to those rotations.

But the thing is that an outside observer would say that tanks not only do the same thing every fight--but the same thing almost every moment of every fight. And the fact that all the cool things the tank is doing are only visible to him undermines epic immersion.

Part of the problem with this is that if the class fantasy of tanks is mob control, the fact that CC, snares, and stuns are distributed evenly across classes doesn't leave much else for tanks to do. Also, bosses are immune to all those things.

One thing I also need to mention is that tanks bring utility, but almost all that utility isn't tied to their "tankiness". Stampeding roar and Gorefiend's Grip are both crazy useful on M-KJ...and both could be given to other classes (say, feral/windwalker or unholy/frost) without breaking class fantasy at all. (Stampeding roar would need to be renamed, but a movement buff from a windwalker would fit.)

So I don't like getting in to suggestions too much as people shoot them down as a proxy for arguing the overall point, but I feel I should give a few:
--Let tanks do things DPS and healers can't do. Maybe even give tanks a special version of existing abilities (stuns, CC, slows) that do work on raid bosses.
--Since Taunt Swaps are here to stay, maybe try and work in unique ways the debuffs are cleared.
--Because it's the job of tanks to position raid bosses, perhaps work in other ways of them doing that. Maybe something as simple as a fight with a special action button that made the boss go somewhere that wasn't directly in front of the tank.
--This would be a major overhaul, but possibly reduce the number of raid tanks. If only two classes could be raid tanks (presumably warrior and maybe death knight) then it might be possible to design encounters more dynamically that wouldn't be trivialized by any of the possible combinations of two tanks from six choices.
I agree gul'dan was a very good fight because it felt like the tank was the most important player, which it doesn't feel like this xpac. tank these days is just a health pool with cooldowns.
Speaking as a tank, our complexity usually comes from the fact that we have to tailor design our kit for each encounter. To the outside world they just see us taunt swapping, to the tanks we are memorizing the dance and prioritizing our skills for optimal mitigation and damage. Similarly in challenging content a lot of the time we are reacting to random spikes of damage usually caused by misplays from others and consequently may require us to completely rethink the rest of the fight on the fly because we had to use a CD we were not expecting to and wont be available in time.

This is also why I generally find tanking in dungeons (m+ to be exact) a bit more enjoyable than raids, since raids are designed with independent fights and no timers then they are far more scripted. On the other hand when you have a dungeon with 30 minutes of back to back tanking, constantly switching threats from mobs to bosses, with a fixed tool kit you had to prepare prior to the run, it is just a way more dynamic and therefore engaging environment than most raids. And really an unexpected variation can have a huge impact on your decisions and run.

While I don't disagree with you and generally speaking this is why I find m+ much more challenging for tanking than raiding, I wouldn't say its as bad as the picture you paint by reducing all fights to "taunt swap".

I do also like the idea of giving us more unique boss/add management utility rather than just the simple, gather and face. Tanks should also have a push away mechanic for example, and maybe get crazy by having a "distract" like mechanic so that we can even redirect attacks to a safe zone that even we don't have to mitigate. It could add some more flavor to the role/specs. To a certain extent this does already exist, but I think it needs to be more fleshed out to be considered a real aspect of the role.
I'd say Varimathras in Antorus will be quite a test of tank skill, as any mistake with tanks wandering off and both tanks are going to die. Nothing really mindblowingly special, but way more unforgiving than just a taunt swap.
Idk if any fight that can be 1 tanked be considered a well designed raid tank encounter
Well if you want to break it down to the essentials, DPS mechanics basically boil down to stand in this, or don't stand in this. Healer mechanics basically boil down to use cooldowns during this burst phase, or use conservative heals to last longer during prolonged light damage. It's not a complicated game.
I'm curious to see how mythic Antorus plays out. One mechanic I like so far is the tank soaking the big orb with their special on Argus. Definitely a tank mechanic, doing a tank-like thing of saving someone from death.

It might wind up being a trivial part of the fight, though, but it's the sort of thing I'd like to see tanks do more.

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