Need a Guild on Tortheldrin 107 NE Druid

Frostmane, Ner'zhul, and Tortheldrin

I'm looking for an active , adult, friendly guild. I play EST. Right now I'm playing Balanced for leveling, but will likely switch to Resto soon as I hit the 110 level cap. I love healing for dungeons and pvp.

The most important thing to me is activeness and friendliness. I'm not overly concerned about raiding, all though I'm willing to raid. I mostly just want friends to do dungeons, PvP and quest with.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

I'm not sure if server matters anymore? I'm on Tortheldrin. I just returned after about 6 months or so away.
Bump, still looking for a solid guild. Going to go Resto Druid for dungeons ect.. Please contact me, if you have an active guild in need of Resto Druid for dungeons and or raids.
Jolly Rogers always looking for social members. Hit me up in game or add baddos#1656 tag.

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