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Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
Hello fellow RPers,

I started a discord for people playing during Oceanic hours.

You might be in Australia, New Zealand or another Oceanic location. You might be a late shift worker from the USA. You might be a vampire. Whatever reason you have for eating dinner at 3am server is fine — this discord is for RPers that share your schedule.

Horde & Alliance Welcome!!

I made this discord to prepare for an amazing feature coming in B4A: WoW Communities. This feature will allow us to join multiple guild-like groups (with chat and calendar marking!) on a character basis & across servers.

For example:
<Azerite and Arcwine>
<Gnome Girl Power>
<Void Elf & Worgen ERP Manor>
<Oceanic RPer Chill Mythic Runs>
<Tusks of Mannoroth Support Group>
<Dwarf Only Raiding>

I think this feature is going to be fantastic for RPers and will definitely be a boon for those of us playing on American RP servers from odd timezones.

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