Looking for WoW friends! <3

Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
Hey there! I'm looking for a guild and some friends to play with on here. I'm usually on everyday and I would like some people to quest and level up with. I have a bunch of characters at various levels! Please add me and let's have some fun! IrateSumo #1646 <3
I am looking for some friends to level up new toons with, i havent played for years but getting back into it
I am getting back into WOW too, I need some friends to play with also, everyone I had friends with aren't playing anymore..
I started playing back in October. I heard so much about the "community" but must say I don't see much of that. Even when I do dungeons, I mostly end up with the whiney crews. Would love to find players who are out to have fun and realize that not everyone has been player for a decade. Daily player who would love to have others join in.
you could check on our server Facebook group too.

It's all about the right guild. Find the most social / active leveling guilds on your server.
If anyone is looking for friends or people to play with let me know. I enjoy being able to help new/newer players and also make a few friends along with way.

My btag is: wowguy#1727
feel free to add me
Recently started playing and need wow friends to play with (LonelyDemon #11662)
Alliance, Ex Mythic raiders looking for someone, a small group of players, or a guild with limited time that may be interested in joining or a merger. Days available, 1-2, for Normal / Heroic content. This doesn't mean we won't push as much progression as we can. Looking for like minded, skilled players that can't commit to a full time raid schedule, but would like to at least see some content. Hit me Venginse#11794
The struggle is real! I'm considering switching servers for the new expansion b/c SS feels so...empty. :( I'd love to make new friends as well!

Guineveire#1360 <3

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