Curious why Mac over PC for WoW?

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I am new to gaming in WoW on a Mac as I finally got my 2012 Mac Book Pro 13" up and running.

I also own three Asus RoG PC laptops.

I am curious why the folks here prefer using a Mac over PC to play WoW? I assume it's because he/she enjoys the MacOS better than Windows 10? :)

Just getting some new feedback as a new Mac gaming user.
because i don't have a PC,

and i have had trouble installing Bootcamp on my Mac Pro 2009
I have always found Windows obnoxious and badly designed. Not to mention the agony that used to be involved in getting one set up and working vs the simplicity and reliability of a Mac.

They've gotten a lot better in the set up and reliability department, but the obnoxiousness and design has gotten worse.

Also in a curious twist, the MadCatz MMO TE gaming mouse I use actually works far better under OSX than in windows. The button are individually recognized by WoW on a mac, where as I need to use a clunky software package/driver to set up/use them under windows.
Tired of constant Windows crashing and constant need to upgrade the machine itself.
I use FCPX and Motion for work. The fact that I can relax playing WoW on the same system I use to make a living is a bonus, and I wouldn't buy a second PC just for WoW.
I prefer macOS more so than "mac". I don't like mac hardware, but i like the OS over windows. Metal is actually not that bad on good hardware, it's just the fact most macs aren't good hardware (for gaming) that holds metal back significantly.

I do use windows when I need to. I do have tech now how to keep windows purring good and not crashing and not infected with malware. For me it's about user experience. I'm one who does know windows can be super stable (has been since windows 7 really). However it's bloated, ugly, and experience to me is awful. It also lacks the synergy with apple devices of course that macOS has ike handoff and text /call forwarding to macOS that you do not get in windows.

So I build a custom high end gaming PC, hackintosh it where it has a dual boot environment of mac OS and windows and I get best of everything. MacOS as my primary and windows when I have an itch to play skyrim or need to run some windows only utility. I even have it setup so VMWare Fusion can let me boot same windows disk in a VM if all I need to run is a minor utility and don't want to reboot whole computer just to do that.
I think it's universal that it's Mac OS that's the big selling point and not the hardware.

I have nothing nice to say about current Apple hardware other than the current high-end iMac isn't bad.
I honestly got tired of my computers getting infected and constantly paying for upgrades for security. My Macbook Pro has given me no trouble at all. Maybe in the future I'll get a gaming PC, but for now, I'll stick with Mac. I've never had a cleaner, smoother experience while using a computer.
Well, for me, I have been using Apple Computers since the Apple II came out (had a TI 99/4a before that), and have spent a fortune in buying the latest and greatest models since then. I was forced to use Windoze boxes at work and hated the experience.
I am a Linux/UNIX head. MacOS allows me to play games and still code for work on a similar environment. If I need to run bash scripts at work, I can code them easily at home.

Having said that, my primary gaming computer is Windows. But I have so many compatibility issues that, unless I want to play Overwatch (or something like it), I find the overall experience on a Mac more integrated and luxurious.

Microsoft decided "convergence" meant "use the same UI on everything from a phone to a computer" = Metro. Apple decided it meant "everything that Apple produces runs the same way even if the UI is a bit different but THEY ALL TALK TOGETHER." So, I can listen to music / play games / etc on anything that has an Apple device connected. Microsoft has an OS. Apple has an ecosystem.
I have a mac (I work in graphic design). If WoW wasn't available for mac I would not play WoW. I'm missing out on a lot of games but I'd rather not play them than have to deal with Windows.
11/30/2017 04:54 AMPosted by Jaianya
I assume it's because he/she enjoys the MacOS better than Windows 10? :)

Pretty much. There's no Linux client, but there's a macOS client and it works quite well so that's what I use.
Sorry to necro the thread, but this was the first thing that came up when I searched to see who else preferred playing on an iMac. As someone with a Mac and a gaming PC in the house, I find myself always logging in to play on the Mac. I could repeat all the specifics that have been mentioned already, but basically it just "feels" better.
I have a $4000 MBP for work and don't own my own computer. An external GPU + monitor is all I need.
Am a graphic artist.
Mac is for work.
I'm also president of our Apple User Group in my area.
Would be a shame to have a PC
I think it all comes down on how "serious" you are with gaming. If that's something extremely important in your life, then you should go with a Windows, as lots of games are more compatible with it.

For me, I love WoW and gaming in general, always been a gamer and probably always will be. However, I would never give up to a great OS, high-end product design to play games. That's just not my priority in life.

On top of that, I use it to work as well (and in my industry MacOS is the only acceptable choice).
I use Garageband and LogicX quite often so I go with Mac, also they look nice on a desk. But I miss having a PC a lot.
I think for a lot of people it comes down to WoW being mainly the only game they play, it works on Mac pretty much just as well as it works on PC these days so if they have a Mac for work or because that's just what they've always used then they might as well just stick with it. A lot of it is generally preferring the MacOS experience.

I have both a Mac and a PC and I play WoW on both too, but tend to find for anything that isn't WoW, I'm generally always better off just playing it on my PC so the PC ends up on the nicer monitor with the nicer peripherals while the Mac just sits at the other end of the desk for when I actually have to do something productive.
I've played on Mac and I've played on Windows. Honestly? I see no difference. Except that when I'm not playing WoW, I enjoy my OS a lot better. I don't need to reset it, I don't deal with malware, everything is intuitive to the user experience.

I also have a iPhone and watch. So It works well across devices and has created a great ecosystem where my calendar on my mac matches exactly what is on my phone/watch etc. etc. etc.

Ultimately, I think it comes down to what OS you prefer and how compatible all of your devices are. As I have not noticed that much of a difference in WoW game play on a Mac vs Windows.
I suspect very few people choose a Mac in order to play WoW. In the great majority of cases, they chose a Mac for everything else they do in front of a computer. So they play WoW on a Mac because the Mac is the computer they have.

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