[H] Selling Herald of the Titans Carries

Gundrak and Jubei'Thos
What you get!

The Account Wide <Herald of the Titans> Title

A Feat of Strength

Pricing & Payment

Herald Run - 200k

We accept gold on Jubei'Thos/Barthilas/Frostmourne, however we WILL take gold on other realms and you can add one of us to work something out.
You can pay in full before the the run commences, or you can pay before we pull the boss. Whatever you (as a buyer) feel more comfortable with.

The run will take no more then 30 mins. We summon you and you can come comms and hit that quality banter with us if you wish! ;)

Who are We?
We're a small bunch of friends from Barthilas, Jubei'Thos and Frostmourne that are competitive Edgelords and have been completing sales for multiple expansions. We have thousands of successful runs between us all with many happy customers. We've held several realm best titles and we we'll strive to give you an experience you won't forget and ensure that you have a laugh and enjoy it too!

Have a look at what players have said about us!

How to Contact us
Add either myself or one of our other members via Btag to book a time and date. We run every weekend and will organize a time that is the most convenient for you!

Hello. Are you still doing this service?

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