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Having the same problem. I had been logged in fine, closed my client for a minute and got the prompt to restart the bnet app. Been getting the same d/c error on the login screen since.
Same. Also getting a "could not connect" message when attempting to log into Overwatch.
I logged in...i closed the Battlenet update agent in task manager (End Task)...Just logged on
Same thing
11/17/2017 03:53 PMPosted by Bub

And suddenly I'm back on...
Effing Pathetic. Game was working fine (albeit the bugs, but ABLE TO CONNECT) prior this damn Battlenet "restart" and now can't even get a connection.

nice "FIX" Blizzard, as usual. Break what isn't broken.
yup me too
I get stuck at the logging in to game screen and then I get error, man this gets old
i just came here to say the same thing.
This also happens to me.
Same. Wont go past "logging into game server".
Same =\
Me too. Guess I'll go see how the new Netflix Punisher series is.
Me too
Same here worked fine until restart
Thanks Obama !
I can log into WoW, but after trying to change realms to my main realm I get this error.


I don't want to play on my old server =/

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