Circumventing forced quest rewards?

So I've been trying my hand at the RPG aspects of the game, imagined a profile for my character, installed trp, the whole nine yards, and I wanted to find items my character could wear in "casual" interactions, outside of battles, like when walking through a city or in long travels, but that's proved to be one hell of a challenge for plate users:

1) Transmogrification is locked to your optimal gear, naturally, so I can't mog any plate I wear into cloth or leather. I'm also not allowed to wear actual cloth or leather and then mog that into an unlocked appearence.

2) Forced quest rewards means I can't do old content to collect the specific items I want, because if they aren't plate they literally won't even show up as possible rewards.

3) Creating or using an existing alt to collect the items is also not viable: a druid or a DH could, of course, complete quests and actually have access to leather items, for instance, but those are all soulbound and therefore impossible to mail.

Anybody have suggestions? Plate items one could use that look casual enough? Item-gathering alternatives? Or is this just a FML situation?
Get mogit.

Darkmoon faire has cosmetic items that are moggable onto plate that look cloth.

You can just take your armour off/hide shoulders etc for a more minimalist look.

Not a roleplayer but I can't see the issue of taking your suit of armour off in a town when not fighting.
11/22/2017 09:29 PMPosted by Rdord
Darkmoon faire has cosmetic items that are moggable onto plate that look cloth.

The Nobleman (and woman) outfits from the DMF are brilliant. Even if you don't want the full 'suit' look, they're at least worth it just to get the pants.

Mogit would definitely b the way to go. You can filter out the quest rewards, so you can at least pick from greens and other drops.

If you want, give us a couple of colours or something and I'll see if I can whip something up.
And this is the exact reason why so many of us were pissed off with the changes to the Transmog system in WoD. The RP community got hit hard by the new "you can only transmog items of your classes defined armor class" limit. Restricting Plate to Plate, Cloth to Cloth was fine, always was fine, and very few people complained about it... but restricting classes wearer's to one armor type ONLY transmog was a killer on a large portion of the RP community.

A LOT of RPer's use "casual wear" and the vast majority of casual wear transmogs are Cloth & Leather. And unfortunately 90% of those items are only obtainable as BoP quest rewards. There are very few that are drops, and several of the ones that could drop are no longer obtainable through drops due to the mob or dungeon they dropped from having been removed or had it's entire drop table replaced back in Cata.

The introduction of the wardrobe was brilliant, and limiting unlocks to classes that primarily wear that armor type was fine... but they should have still left transmog open to let Plate wearers transmog non-plate armor that they are wearing. If I were to wear a cloth top and go to transmog before WoD, I could transmog that top into any other cloth top that I had. After the wardrobe came out with WoD, however, I lost this ability because I don't wear cloth primarily.
The primary problem is not about transmoging one armor type to another.

It's that old quest rewards of cloth, leather, and mail can no longer be obtained on plate wearing classes. You can't "pick your loot" choice anymore.

So you no longer have low level quests asking Shamans if they would like a Plate helmet, a mail shoulder pad, leather boots, and sexy cloth dress. Shamans get that mail shoulder pad...and can never use that sexy unique dress the quest gives, even if they want to RP with it.

It's an annoying problem, annoying and small...but a problem.
I think a simple solution to this would be to add a vendor in each zone that sells all the quest rewards for that zone. I think they exist in Pandaria but I don't know if they sell all the plate/mail/leather/cloth options.

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