What really grind your gears in WOW?

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12/03/2017 10:59 AMPosted by Drunkmaster
The "you are in combat" when you're not in combat that prevents you from mounting up.

When I'm in Argus, I always use the Vindicaar ability that makes you invisible for that EXACT reason lol
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Yes! I did it, my first thread reaching 100 replies!

Another one: Not having any reason to go back to my beloved garrison.
Tuning passes that make no sense.
Loading into a zone after a long wait, only to go invis and not be able to move, only to see my model and find out i am running into a wall 30 yds from my camera location.

Shifting in druid form and losing half my abilites.

Popping a Warframe to burn down some mobs fast, only to have the action bar hop up and down and making me /reload to use Warframe...and losing half its remaining time.

Playing an alliance alt on an unbalanced server, getting 2 shot 10 times before picking up a quest, 10 more times when leaving with said quest. Not being able to read the quest due to deaths.

WPVP is absolutely broken. Duels are no longer a thing I can do for fun. It takes them all expansion to even address 2 easily fixable wpvp issues.
Queuing for a world quest on my pve server and suddenly getting one shot by some horde warrior hitting their whirlwind because now I'm flagged. Thanks for actually trying to fix this one blizzard, I guess, in a very round about make everyone else mad sort of way lol.
Logging in daily on this toon and alts do WQ do random BG PvP
"You are in combat"


/stands still for 20 seconds

/attacks and kills MOB


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