Shameless Shenanigans LF DPS and OT

Guild Recruitment
Main Deets:

1. Shameless Shenanigans is a Horde guild on the Zul'jin server.
2. Looking for a mix of DPS and an Off Tank (& possible heals)
3. Raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 pm CDT.
4. 4/11 N in Antorus
5. Discord is a must for the raid team
6. Casuals and alts are most welcome too!

Shameless Shenanigans is a casual progression guild making our way through Antorus, the Burning Throne. Our current team consists of adults with jobs, kids, dogs, and an endless supply of bad jokes. We're looking to fill out our raid team and add some variety to both the raid team and the guild.

We're currently at 4 of 11 on normal Antorus and start fresh each week, since we still need the gears. Loot will be set on personal loot. We raid on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 pm CDT. Make sure these times work before contacting me. We have a hard stop time because some of our members have to get up at 4 am for work. Cauldrons, feasts, potions and guild repairs are provided to our raid team members.

The perfect applicant will be 21+ years old, 915+ iLvl, a fan of puns and awful dad jokes, friendly, willing to learn the raid and also to offer help when able to do so. It'd also be nice if you have a microphone that doesn't suck. The ability to show up on time and give notice when you can't will put you ahead of other applicants. Specifically, we're looking for a mix of ranged and melee DPS and an OFF TANK. Turns out, we're also looking for heals.

If you're looking for a hardcore atmosphere with perfect players who don't make mistakes and in a big rush to down bosses and rush through this raid, this IS NOT the team for you. If our group sounds like something you'd be interested in, contact me so we can have a chat.

And of course, alllll casuals are welcome too. Aside from raids, we have organized guild events, competitions with prizes, we regularly run mythics, and we also enjoy hitting old content for achievements, mounts, transmog, etc.

Contact info:

Bnet: Maruka#1991
Discord: Maruka#7465
Twitter: @Maruka1977
Email: maruka1977 at gmail dot com

Replying to this post will result in a slow reply from me as I don't check it more than once a day, if that.
We had a really great week of raiding. We're a "slowly, but surely" type of raid team and let's be honest, this raid is going to be it for quite some time, so why rush. But we're now at 4/11 on Normal. So far, my favorite encounter is Hasabel. What's yours? Haven't even made it except on LFR? Well, send me a message and let's talk. We're still looking for an OT and whatever dps would like to join the team. Maybe an extra healer or dps/heals offspec would be a good idea too. Message me! We'll find a spot for you.
Still trying to find that ever-elusive off tank. We currently have one of our regular dps tanking, which isn't ideal, but at least we get to raid every week without pugging. I'd love to set up something with someone today so that he or she could trial with us tomorrow and/or Wednesday!!
We had an awesome Tuesday night raiding. Despite the fact that we had to do some juggling and we had two people tanking who don't normally tank, we managed to put together a group of guildies for our run last night. Point is, we make our raid team work without having to pug nasties. It'd be nice to fill these roles permanently though. Message me and let's see how you can fit in on our team.

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