Another Weapon of Old bugged

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Lvld my druid to 110 in feral. At 110 i decided to grab my second weapon with the quest Another Weapon of Old. It suggested i changed specs after picking the restoration staff and my choice. I clicked ok and it changed me to resto. So now i was in resto spec but the quest he gave was gone. Nothing in my quest log and could not talk to him again. Now im at a loss. I disabled add-ons. restarted game. Finshed all the other quests i had in my book. Went back and forth between khagdar, my dreamgrove and still cant find how to get my second artifact weapon.
You should still have the quest. The next one is:
Check the quest chain listed here:
11/24/2017 11:28 AMPosted by Rufflebottom
You should still have the quest. The next one is:

Indeed, that is the one that I show that you qualify for. Assuming you selected Restoration for your next Artifact Weapon. That should be given to you by Keeper Remulos in the Dreamgrove.

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