[H] Guardian Druid LF raiding guild

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Well I’m back after a very long hiatus and I’m finally lvl 110 and decently geared (iLvl 902) I’m looking for a good group of people to raid and do M+ dungeons with. I pick up things very quick and can adapt to whatever playstyles the guild has. I’m very confident with main tanking but wouldn’t mind playing an Off Tank role learning the fights and getting tips from the Main Tank. I also have no problem flexing to healer, I’ll do whatever the team needs.
*Edit*My home is currently on the Dalaran server but I don’t my transferring if it’s a good fit!
If you can play 11 PM to 2 AM EST mon/wed/thur I'd be interested in talking to you. You can reach me at tomathon#1842

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