Wont Illidan get bored being jailkeeper?

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Does Illidan get entertainment while hes watching over Sargerases prison for eternity? Does he have a mage with him to conjure snacks? Is it just going to be a never ending staring contest between Illidan and Sargeras?
Don't worry Maeivs hatred for Illidan will cause her to set free Sargeras in her wreckless pursuit.
He's not playing jail keeper. He just stayed behind for reasons. The titans are the ones imprisoning Sargeras.
Don't worry, Sarge will get out.
Maiev will have visitation rights. She can't go on without her Illidan.
Sargeras and Illidan are friends, the xpac after battle for azeroth and maybe a n'zoth expansion will be sargeras and illidan vs azeroth the titan.

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