A <Ebonspire>

Hellscream and Zangarmarsh
Who we are: We are a newly formed adult guild I formed with 3 friends who i have played wow with since vanilla. Being older we now have families and are parents, but still would like to do some casual raiding *nothing more than Heroic* in a more laid back setting with some like minded people.

Schedule: Saturday/Sunday 9pmEST-12amEST once we have a team in place.

Expectations: That everyone treat each other with respect, and help eachother. Remain active in the guild. If you plan to raid please review fights before hand. Also use guild calendar for sign ups.

Requirements 880 minimum if you plan to raid. Patience we might not storm through in one attempt.

Goals Our number one goal is to have fun. I started this guild so we could raid and do mythic runs together without it feeling like a job.

Recruitment We are currently recruiting all classes, as well as a Raid Lead who has patience and will work with members to improve them.

We have Discord

Varynthe0s#1909 I am available most times after 5pm EST
or you can fill out the app at http://ebonspire.enjin.com/

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