What will you remember Legion for?

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-"An illusion. What are you hiding?"
-"Truly Marvelous! I wonder..."
-The "Sale" that made me buy Legion

Seriously though it would be artifact weapons, that at first was so cool, but in the end it feels you wasted the whole expansion grinding and making it stronger just to give it all up to heal the world.. whew..
I dont really know since im still making memories playing it.

Its strange, WoD i remember doing Challenge Mode Gold dungeons, and the Butcher fight on mythic. All of highmaul really. Did most of it on mythic tanking on my warrior.

I didn't tank much this expansion except on my dh, but i did enjoy it. I think i will remember that time as well when i think back.
System-wise I'll remember it for the introduction of World Quests and Mythic +, and lorewise as the one that Finally developed Velens character some and finished the Burning Crusade/Legion! We handed Kiljaeden his own !@# on a silver platter and it wasn't even the last raid :D

Suramar is beautiful, but Azuna is great too.
The RNG made me feel very disconnected from character progression. Getting gear lost all value. I really liked having a list of BIS to work for.

Getting higher ilevel items from heroic than mythic was really dumb. I hope next expansion items can only warforge once (5 ilevels)

Gear inflation is starting to get ridiculous. Running a current heroic dungeon feels like doing previous expansion content.
The decision to kill PVP. That day will go down as the beginning of the end.
Having to abandon my warlock main, My very first character i made in wow, After a few months past launch because the legendary system !@#$ed me over, Pillars of The Dark Portal and a Sephuz, As demo, You know a spec that doesn't have interrupts, After that the atrocious class design always needing to stack x stat and ignore everything else, And the rng for absolutely everything (36 coined Nythendra kills, No trinket)

My Legion experience was trash at the start and trash at the end, It was only useful to make me millions of gold and stablish the scaling system for older content i do enjoy.
Eh, I think I'll chalk WoD and Legion up to WoW having a midlife crisis. Hoping BfA knocks it out of the park.
The rise of Manduin.

Ill always remember Legion for how much RNG it had. Legion had a lot of good qualities, RNG was not one of them. That and legendary items, that seemed cool but its was awful in the way they were incorporated.

GOOD things. The good thing that sticks in my head was making professions more engaging (gating stuff behind dungeon quests was really stupid and should not have happened) and the quest chains in every zone. strong story was really good as well as the M+ system
The good:
-artifact weapons give a cool endgame progression system
-WQs are a neat way to keep exploring the world interesting. When I just want to log in and waste time WQs are a great option
-M+ is amazing. I love having a non-raiding option for endgame content and pushing 5-mans as a smaller demanding experience is wonderful in my eyes.
-The Mage Tower. Speaking of smaller challenging content, this one-man raid is one of my favorite things about Legion. My space cat skin will always hold a special place in my heart due to the trial I went through to get it.
-Legendary items. I like having cool items with unique affixes that change up my play style. I’ll mention legendaries again in the bad section but I like the items themselves. Even if half of them feel useless.
-Class stories. I actually like having cool new stories to go through as my alts. Keeps it fresh. On the same note I like having a class-themed clubhouse in Class halls.
-Transmog collection. ‘Nuff said.

The Bad:
-Titanforging. It should have a cap. And the weekly M+ chest shouldn’t have a TF chance so high that it’s giving out Mythic raid quality loot every week. I find it so hard to actually get gear from Heroic raiding because every slot is either a legendary or a ridiculous Titanforged nonsense.
-Aquiring legendaries. Throw me a bone here. There’s no way to chase the most powerful items in the game and the aforementioned useless legendaries mean half the time I get a legendary it’ll be garbage.
-Seperate artifact weapons/legendaries. Okay AP isn’t THAT bad with the automatic AK but with legendaries and AP combined my other specs feel like an afterthought. Makes it hard to roll any sort of offspec. I’m not maining a Druid I’m maining a Feral.
-The Broken Shore. Literally all of it with the possible exception of the last quest to unlock your mount. (Lump in super late Pathfinder with this.)

The Meh:
-Story was average to me. Not standout good not standout bad.
-Class changes. A lot of people felt strongly about the class changes and ability pruning. I have no strong feelings one way or the other. My main was barely touched and all the new classes I’ve tried this expac have felt interesting enough to play.
-The raids. They ranged from above average with Nighthold to below average with Tomb. Though it’s still early to call though I’m really loving Antorus. Feels like a breath of fresh air.
-Demon Hunters. They’re there. They’re a new class. Tried it. Didn’t like it though I see why others might. Doesn’t impact my life significantly.

Overall I think it was actually a really good expansion. Definitely has visible flaws but especially after WoD it feels downright amazing. No lack of things to do here like there was in WoD. And the majority of changes I really like. Top notch expac for me and it’ll be memorable for those reasons. The dreamgrove especially will be iconic in my mind.
What will I remember Legion for? Excessive grind for access to RNG payoffs with goal lines that keep being moved back.
I think I subbed to this expansion less than WoD. The grind and RNG turned me off. My wife only subbed the first month or two gor this reason and still hasn't resubbed. I only came back because the rogue antorus set it the best designed set in the game, problem with that is all pugs are asking for fast clears or aotc chieves...finding a guild is out of the question too (most of my toons are on a unbalanced and dead server).

I spent about a month grinding rep for flying, only to not have it in Argus, which I understand, but hate.

The pvp needs a bit more inventive, like a different gear set that actually looks good. Not something that green questing gear outshines (talking about the combatant gear btw). Also i like the prestige system, even though i never did it (for the reason I'm about to state next).

Last thing, numbers are so far out of control. Seeing numbers in the millions is a bit daunting, but also seeing the hp of enemies made me not want to fight either. I dont want to fight a boss everytime i engage in pvp.

A bit of a ramble, but overall i think this is my least favorite but most hyped xpack. I think BfA is my last, unless something changes.
I will remember the mounts and armor sets, the stuff that will outlive the expansion.

And I will remember what a bunch of useless demon-hugging, wine-sipping mana zombies the Nightborne were every time I see one wandering around in BfA.
botch fest.

lots of content, no finish. Complete !@#$ show as far as lore goes.
12/02/2017 10:30 AMPosted by Nokrim
The never ending tedious and boring Suramar questline.

This and:

1. Getting kicked from RF groups for low DPS.
2. Getting kicked from world quest groups for low DPS.
3. Getting kicked from dungeon groups even before they start due to spec and ilevel.
4. Being laughed at when I attempt to fill a random raid spot.
5. Continuing to play despite all of this because I love the game.

Here's hoping next expansion is better for me.. lol...
Legion is the poster child for "two steps forward, one step back or to the side". I've always believed: Lore drives story, story drives quests, quests drive dungeons, and dungeons drive raids.


Made no sense from the get-go. Vol'jin's death was the proverbial icing on the cake of a high caloric nonsensical narrative.


While I loathe level scaling, as I believe it is an anathema to MMOs, others felt differently. The re-use of leveling quests as WQ's was lazy.


Worse than the coaching search at UT. (aka a Tire Dumpster fire that is periodically doused with nitrous ). Yes, WoD was "too easy", BUT, the current paradigm is ridiculously RNG'ed (more on this in a moment) and gated.

The person who is the final decision maker with Professions? Needs to be transferred. You don't "get" the allure of professions


Other than Seat of the Triumverate, solid effort. The nerfing of Mythic rewards was un-necessary (Fun was detected), but the repeatability and key system was interesting.


Good. Not great. I still like HFC better than ToS or Antorus.l


Handled terribly and continues to be the Achilles Heel of the dev team. Pride, hubris and spite is no way to deliver a product. (Then again there is zero accountability at Blizzard so what do I know)


Great idea, horrible implementation. Absolutely lazy to resort to RNG in their delivery.


Great idea, good implementation. If you can't be bothered to no re-use areas to tell the Artifact story? Find another line of work. So lazy that Ashbringer and other weapons were (conveniently) in the same area.


To much. A perfect example is the new paragon rep nonsense. A change to an existing paradigm that turned the time and effort of the player into a slot machine. Again, lazy on the part of the devs.

WQ's / Emissaries:

Interesting. As I said earlier, the re-use of leveling quests as WQ's is lazy, and sadly, the emissary cache is another pull on the "one armed bandit", but combine the two with invasions and they're passable.

Overall: 4/10 I'd go a three, but I won't.

In summation: It's not that there's not a lot to do, it's that so much of it is just not worth doing.



Massively unbalanced at the beginning of the expansion. This despite, or in spite of large volumes of feedback during Beta and on the PTR forums. (Hence why people say "Blizzard doesn't listen", and "Once it's on PTR, it's in the game" (Only to be fixed at a later date. Maybe)
12/03/2017 09:10 PMPosted by Milkjustice
Grinding for the flying....

Yeah, you know what.. I rather pierce my tongue with barbed wire and sit on a crotch rocket then ever have to do that ever again.
It's funny how we can have such different experiences. I respect that your comment reflects how it felt to you. For me, Pathfinder just came naturally as I played the game, with little-to-know extra effort. Think I had to track down two mini-zones to complete my exploration; other than that I was ready when flying became available.
12/04/2017 09:04 AMPosted by Rthen
Getting kicked from world quest groups for low DPS.
How low was your dps? O.o
12/02/2017 10:24 AMPosted by Grellos
Endless grind

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