935 Blood DK LF Raid/M+

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Hello, I'm a fairly experienced raider my specialties have mostly been tanking or healing since wotlk. Up until recently I've been a Mythic Raider to include Cutting Edge EN, Cutting Edge Helya, 8/10M Nighthold, and 5/9M ToS (this stretches across 3 toons as i swapped classes to help my old guild's raid comp) When i shortly after getting our 5th kill, took a break. I'm looking to get back into M+ and Raiding with a bit more casualness to it, I don't mind dabbling in Mythic but I do not wish to grind against Mythic content Bosses for 3-4 hours a night. I'm hoping to find a Late Night Guild (can't raid tuesdays). I'm A PST time zone player and If possible, Looking for a 9pm PST Start time, Wednesday Thursday are the 2 best days but I'm open to hearing other times/days. I know this is a bit limited but Retail schedules are not gaming friendly sadly. My Btag is Cupcakey#1258 if anyone wishes to contact me in game about the matter or ask anymore about my Raiding experience. Again I'm not looking for anything super serious, just hoping to be full clearing heroic. Server transferring is possible (please be US Servers) but I would like to stay Horde side. ty for your time.

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