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One of the many criticisms I see about Blood Elf RPers is how anime influences it and somehow that's why every Belf RPer is bad or something. /shrug

I wanted to ask people what actually inspires your RP and HOW?
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One of the many criticisms I see about Blood Elf RPers is how anime influences it and somehow that's why every Belf RPer is bad or something. /shrug

I like warfare, battle, military life, loss, and of course - peace and romance to make it all worth fighting for. I don't think I have any one specific thing I draw from as an inspiration, just an amalgamation of every story I've ever read or thought I'd ever had.
anime tbh
For Xaesha, it is a mixture of bushido, Slayers from Warhammer Fantasy, and to a lesser degree, terminators. Xaesha's religious fanaticism is not inspired by anything specific, to be honest. It is just part of her character.
Most of my source material ends up being non-fiction. There are some really fantastic reads out there if you commit to researching what you want to play/write.

As one example, I had a con artist character a good while ago and got a lot of ideas from David Maurer's The Big Con. You can't really copy-paste what he documents into WoW's setting but the fun of it is figuring out a good adaptation.
Well, that's sort of a loaded question. Obviously WoW itself plays a part in the inspiration, and I'd say that the groundwork for a lot of RP lies on where the narrative is aiming within the game.

However, for my characters, I also include some spice from other games, shows, books, movies, etc.

For example, I look at Goblins and I think of all the criminal elements that exist in other stories. Grand Theft Auto is a huge source of all things crime, and it's also a great place to look for some realistic ( sometimes :) ), multi dimensional characters. The gang narrative in San Andreas and bank robberies in both GTA 4 and 5 have contributed to Lance's outlook on what is his and how to get what he wants. Blowing the door off and popping shots is how I envision Lance entering most applicable combat scenarios, and it makes me want to RP those things out. Now, Goblins definitely weren't based off of any of those things I just mentioned, though I feel that the shoe fits well enough.

Similarly, watching shows like the Sopranos or Boardwalk Empire makes me appreciate something more organized and, overall, less violent at every turn. I think about the character Christopher Moltisanti, and how there's development there from wanting to be the next mafia newspaper bad boy to something more subdued, though not without temper. I'll often watch those shows before diving into a social event, as some of the mannerisms of Christopher and the phrases he uses gives me some ideas on what Lance could say as well.

There are a variety of other things that I have consumed and integrated over the years, too. Some aspects of Star Wars, Fallout, AC: Black Flag etc influence my character's actions and expressions to a degree.

Idk. Lance has a lot of inspiration and influence built into him, though I guess those are just some of the things.
Classic and modern literature, real world history, comics, movies.
It's a chance to explore someone else and their unique thought process. I'd never act like some of my characters do, so it's fun challenge to imagine something appropriate for them rather than me.

Other than walking in someone else's shoes, general fantasy novels. The idea of magic is too damn awesome to pass up. I'd never be able to play just a warrior when we're surrounded by spells.
For Zen?... Don't laugh, but Paul "Jesus" Monroe, from the Walking Dead. The comic, not the show. He has a background in war, but is a generally kind and peaceful dude.

Other than that, I actually often take inspiration from other places in the game. My orc DK was inspired by Munch, an NPC that only shows up one time in a quest in Icecrown, but his dialogue and look stuck with me enough that I was inspired to make Kosh'gar.
Marauside is a side character in my book and and I wanted to RP his younger WoW equivalent.
This is interesting to me to read what inspires other people's characters.

As for me... Influences drawn from outside the Warcraft universe might include: Herbert West/Re-Animator, horror movies, antagonistic or villainous character I like or think are well-done. Hrmm... Tim Burton movies, Bill Nighy, Skeletor, black metal, death metal, bits and bobs from books and movies, and various other darkly-inclined sundries.

Oh, and whatever else my creepy little imagination might come up with.

I take the things I like and mold it into some conglomeration that would still be appropriate for our Azerothian setting.
Falene is strongly inspired by the elven rangers portrayed in Warcraft 2 who were under the command of Farstrider Ranger-Captain Alleria Windrunner. Like their Ranger-Captain, these elves defied the stereotype of being prim and delicate. They wore face-paint, were experts in guerrilla warfare, and were ruthless in their executions. Unlike the magisters and priests of their land, they still maintained a strong communion with nature.

Alleria found little interest in the expectations and traditions of her elven culture, preferring to focus on more practical matters. So she instead upheld the Farstrider's original mandate of protecting Quel'Thalas far beyond its borders, looking after high elven interests across Azeroth. Falene had always idolized the Windrunner sisters, especially the eldest two. I once aspired for her to be to the Horde what Alleria was to the Alliance, working closely to repay her Horde allies who took her people under their protection, and traveled however far it would lead them.

Outside influences would probably be the same things that inspired Warcraft. To me, that would predominantly be the works of both Tolkien and Dungeons & Dragons (which was also heavily inspired by Tolkien). Also, archery fascinates me.
For Ji, it's definitely Arthur Arden, Sister Mary Eunice, and The Butcher from AHS. She has this really sinister vibe that when I like to get into it, I binge American Horror Story for the fiftieth time. The three character listed above kind of influenced her because Arden captures the mad-doctor feeling that one can get by looking at her and the results of her 'experiments' to find a race or being suitable for being a carrier for a plague of her design. Sister Mary Eunice because of her manipulative and dark nature that makes one question what they see. It definitely can be seen when Ji plays up her 'innocent scribe' lie. The Butcher mostly because of her fanatical devotion and utter ruthlessness, both being traits which I try to capture with Ji.
Blood Elf Kirsy started off being a throw away character loosely based on Starfire from Teen Titans. She wasn't my main RP character, but then OMG she developed personality kinda on her own.

I honestly have a problem with certain races (Dwarves and Forsaken in particular) not coming off as "generic character stereotype #1* - so basically all in-game influences.

Most of my RP characters from forum RP are based on acting performances by various actors. I've literally portrayed characters based on people like Fisher Stevens, David Spade, Eminem and Julian Sands (I did a lot of male characters back then because we always had too many female RPers). With the female forum characters, I usually take some facet of myself and pick that to focus on. It's easy enough to write out but doesn't really work in-game so much.

My current belf RP character is pretty much Jessica Jones. I've been trying to get her into a plot now for about a year but my RP group's plots keep drifting into territory where she just wouldn't fit :(
I take a lot of inspiration for my characters from Magic: the Gathering and the concept of color identity found in that game.

To explain it as simply as possible: in M:tG there are five colors of magic (white, blue, black, red, and green) that each have their own qualities, likes, dislikes, and agendas.

Thesee colors can be paired off into duos, trios, and more recently quartets, each with its own internal struggles, goals, and characteristics.

Praahv's color identity, for example, is white/blue (her name is taken from the guild hall of the Azorius Senate on Ravnica, Prahv.) This means she's very community-minded (a white quality), but she's rather emotiobally aloof (a blue quality.)

She tries to be prepared for every situation, but she's slow to react in the case of an unexpected scenario.

She's strongly opposed to anarchy (represented by the color pair's shared enemy color, red) and she works to flush out those who would cause unrest and upheaval among the peoples of the Alliance.

Basically, by adhering to the color pie I strive to create unique and multi-faceted characters, and to explore what exactly makes those characters tick through roleplay with others.
To be honest, Xao'lio here is inspired by the stories that tend to have the pervy, raunchy character. Think in contexts of Jiraya from the Naruto Series, or Master Roshi for the most basic idea. But Xao'lio is my most outgoing character, who is perhaps the most easily to approach with.

He is a fourty year old with the mind of a seventeen year old. But with a honeyed tongue and the poetic nature of pandaren. It also lets me be witty and creative when getting into details.

Xao was inspired for me to be more brave to approach people.
Eff's characterization was...surprising. I was the flavor of RP noob no one talks about; generic and reactionary. I had a backstory, sticked to lore to the letter but I didn't give my characters deep seeded motivations, goals, things that make them memorable and fun.

The single best piece of advice I ever got was geared towards people who basically try to be characters from other franchises "Instead of trying to be Batman think about what you like about Batman."

So to try and make a better character I mashed together Fluttershy and Eliza Thornberry to create a cowardly but real friend to the animals. When it was time to name her I got it off this very forum; "Effraya, it comes from french, to be afraid"

It goes out the window day three of my time on WRA. I see two human trying to pee in the park Moonwell and Eff's personality does a 180. She instantly becomes this religious zealot who remembers she was around for most of the WoW timeline (That was how I learned working backwards is important to backstory) and actually saw all the bad stuff the orcs did and lived somewhere happily under Nordrassil until the 3rd war.

The zealotry and longevity also branched into other characteristics, motivations and even some values:
-She's really bookish
-She was convinced and some what still is that deisolation and mortality will destroy her culture (or rather everything about the NE way of life that made her own so wonderful).
-off of that, she loves her family; She became a druid to get her father back for her mother who was taking mortality very hard (I also wanted to make a daddy's girl in a matriarchy, it was the only part of her Eliza-esque self I wanted to keep ).
--She wanted a baby (it was semi headcannon on my part that having one was a big deal not only because of how rare they are but because "only god can create life" and such and in a society like the NE's motherhood has to be some high calling)
It depends on the character. Typically, all characters start with an aesthetic or visual that I like usually because I think they're cool. Quin is inspired by Rivendare. Ammathon by Kael'thas.

I forget where a lot of my character personalities come from. I often start with body language, like a hunch in one's back (as is the case with my BE, Ammathon) and maybe infer some character traits. He was never very confident, but always aggressive. A little insecure, a little competitive and driven. He's also wound a little tight, which is sometimes a good thing. These days, he's evolved a little bit past that. Ammathon was, oddly enough, where I gained my tendency to make

Quin, on the other hand, is a mix of characters I've actually lifted from different places. Quin started by lifting Cincinnatus, a humble, principled Roman leader who took power in wartime and resigned when he was no longer needed to return to his farm; this is where his desire to return to his farm comes from. I've also incorporated a bit of a character I like from a novel by Evelyn Waugh called Brideshead Revisited. The main character is a soldier who struggles with returning to home, to friendship, and to faith, and I thought this could pair well with the struggle of a death knight. I threw in the death knight essentials, particularly the difficulty with positive emotional expression, and that's it.
In terms of character concepts, I often draw upon lore tidbits, quests, etc.
In terms of personality... it takes a lot more effort to do this well, at least for me. I can churn out character concepts with potential all day long, but to make a good personality takes days or weeks of effort and thought.
Truthfully, I’m only really happy with how I RP Kass and my Gnome. I’m trying to make my newly race-changed Orc work, however.

I have a friend who makes all his characters the same way:
1. Take a WC 2/3 unit.
2. Make a character based on them.
3. Give them a personality flaw.

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