[A - US - Proudmore] Lvl 46 restro druid LFG

Guild Recruitment
Time Zone: CST, available times vary
Server: US - Proudmore
Faction: Alliance
Playing intensity: Casual
Current Progression: Not far. Very unfamiliar with xpack content.
Contact info: Battlenet: Elastria1402#1401 (yes that is correct)

Newly returned player looking for a TINY, casual, leveling guild (10-30 active players) for my low lvl healer and alts. I’m looking for a supportive place to improve at healing. My goal is to become accustomed to using the gaming keyboard more and the mouse much less. Happy to help a newly formed guild progress through content. I’m not very familiar with the last several xpacks but am willing to learn. Unwilling to change factions or servers for a guild.

*HATES RAIDING!!* How can I not like raiding? It takes too long and is more stressful than fun. Frankly I’d be happier in a guild so small it isn’t ready for raiding yet.

*LOVES 5-MANS* 5-man dungeons are awesome. Between heroic and mythic settings, it seems players can get very good gear without raiding.

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