930 Prot Paladin LF Semi-serious Stormrage

Guild Recruitment
I'am looking for a guild willing to take me on their raids whether it be trial runs or w/e have you. I work a seasonal job and currently on "off-season" till march and I can fill in the role of tank until then depending on raid times.

Times available
    Everyday 6pm-3am till March.

What I'am looking for in a guild?
    Raids weekly
    Keystones weekly
    Great social enviroment
    Semi-serious player's
    Friendly Enviroment
    VoiP during raids

Character - Dravadin-Stormrage

About me
I have a lot of raiding experience under my belt(raiding since wotlk) and I'm more than willing to apply my coordination with other's in a raid environment. I run keystones weekly for loot and I'am looking for a semi serious raiding guild. I do not raid with my current guild because I'am not on their raiding list due to my inactivity during ToS time frame(work related). If you will have me great. Work > Game in my eyes so please respect that. I work on a golf course and I'am up at wee hours so raiding super late into the night during season(end of march till nov 10th) will not happen for me. Family comes first in my book so I hope you will understand why I will always chose them over a game.

If you have any questions feel free to pm me Drav#1600 in-game and I will answer what I can.

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