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I played legion from the start and got very hooked on my Prot Warrior. I ONLY play as a tank and I am very competitive minded when it comes to it. My previous guild broke up after completing 3/10 Mythic Nighthold, but I ranked for a couple friends guilds and easily did TOS Heroic, but never had the chance to kill Kil’Jaeden. I am looking to find a fun and competitive guild who has competent players that are in need of a tank. I am 913ilvl right now, and just started working on getting more geared as of this post. If you would like to know anything more please contact me anytime!

1. Times available: 630pm-12am Everyday
Time zone: CST

2. Server preference: PVE, but it doesn’t really matter to much.

3. Faction preference: Doesn’t matter

4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: casual is ok, I prefer semi-hardcore though. Hardcore isn’t out of my realm, but I’m not at that gear level.

5. Current progression/experience: I’ve done everything through ToS on Heroic.

6. Recent logs (if available): none.

7. Contact info: Nih116#1568

8. Anything else: I am a team player, looking to get back into wow. I was an integral part of my last guild and an officer. When I play, I play to win, so I take criticism to heart and change things on the fly.

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