[Horde] RP Winter Veil Cross Realm Event

Feathermoon and Scarlet Crusade
((A Cross Realm Horde Holiday RP Party Spectacular))
December 16th, the first Day of Winter Veil, at 5pm PST | 6 MT | 7 CST | 8 EST
Come and join us in celebrating the feast of Winter Veil in snowy Winterspring! Meet people you've never met, hailing from across Azeroth! In addition to good food, booze and company, we will be hosting a number of exciting activities throughout the night! Sign up now to participate! ((This event will have people and groups from at least 3 different servers in attendance!))
Blind Date Auction - Polar Bear Brawl - Group Performances

Blind Date Auction: Sign up with one of the sheets in the envelope below between now and the party to be an auctionee! Auctionees will be given anonymous descriptions and bid on by partygoers, agreeing to spend some time with the winner (although they are neither expected or required to do more than that)! Buyers are limited to spending only 5000gp overall (you cannot just buy every auction if you're rich). All proceeds will be used as prize money for future events. ((If you are interested in being bid on, please fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/byYMUe8bQVl4sLmZ2 ))

Polar Bear Brawl: They say nothing warms the soul like a fight in the frigid cold! A seasonal tradition, this dueling tournament involves stripping down to the bear minimums and duking it out in the frigid snow! While weapons are allowed, nothing else is. Contestents will be inspected before matches to ensure they aren't carrying any jewlery or other items which might afford them an advantage. Bystanders are encouraged to throw snowballs, to add an extra element of chilly fun! Winner gets a special mystery gift! ((If you wish to participate in the Polar Bear Brawl please submit this form: https://goo.gl/forms/lEzh80OhTMwCmDXk2 ))

Group Performances: Everyone has a different way of celebrating the season, and we want to give you a platform to show everyone yours! We want to encourage different organizations to sign up and show off. Have a few people recite a story, or sing a song or something entirely different! ((Limit one performance per Guild. We will coordinate with you about the performance itself. Performances should be roughly Winter Veil themed in nature, no longer than 15 minutes and be relatively non-offensive, sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/q42lTedg1nsgs3553 ))

((Additionally, we've made a discord server for the event, you can join here: https://discord.gg/f7unUyM

You are in no way required to join the discord to attend the event as it is ingame. The main idea behind it is that discord lets you PM anyone who you share a discord server with, so if you meet someone cool at the event hopefully it'll provide an easy way to connect with them again (encase you forget their server name or anything like that). We will also be using it as a place to share screenshots during/after the event, make updates/announcements, and possibly play mood music via the voice channels. You can also access all of the signups from in there.

As this is a cross realm event, we will need to group everyone. You must whisper Ohee-Ravenholdt, Kejala-Ravenholdt, or Raelanaa-Twisting Nether for a group invite at the time of the event. If that doesn't work, contact me (Lahcania#1539 on bnet, Arahe#6448 on discord) or tag me on discord or even post here (although that will probably be the slowest response time). If you are planning on attending please like or comment on this thread so we can get a rough tally of who's coming.

Also if anyone knows of a rp community hub outside of these forums for this server (like a discord) that I could broadcast this on, please let me know!))
So quick update: we'll be closing submissions for the Polar Bear Brawl tomorrow night so that people can submit brackets through the rest of the week leading up to the event. If you feel like stripping down to your skivvies and dueling in the snow, you may want to sign up!

Our other activities, the date auction (a great way to meet people cross server) and the group performances (a great way to show off your guild as a cool group that does stuff to a wide audience) will accept submissions up until the night before the event.

We hope to see you guys there!
Reminder that this event is happening TOMORROW which means tonight is your last chance to sign up for our Blind Date Auction and performances! Additionally, we're opening up the performances to individuals since we had less interest in the group performances than expected; so if you have a wintery poem/story/song/ritual/etc please let me know what you want to do and which time slot listed on our itinerary for the evening you would prefer.

The rough schedule:
4:45pst/5:45mt/6:45cst/7:45est --- Invites for the group begin going out
5:00pst/6:00mt/7:00cst/8:00est --- Official event start
5:15pst/6:15mt/7:15cst/8:15est --- Open Performance Slot
5:30pst/6:30mt/7:30cst/8:30est --- Auction Begins (at auctioneers stand)
6:00pst/7:00mt/8:00cst/9:00est --- Official Photos with Greatfather Winter (on the stage)
6:30pst/7:30mt/8:30cst/9:30est --- Performance: Poetry by Rummrumm (on the stage)
6:45pst/7:45mt/8:45cst/9:45est --- Open Performance Slot
7:00pst/8:00mt/9:00cst/10:00est --- Polar Bear Brawl (on the stage)
8:00pst/9:00mt/10:00cst/11:00est --- Winter Veil in Winterspring's Grand Finale: "How Garrosh Swindled Winter Veil" A Play by the Tirisfall Theatre Troupe

People are welcome to stay and mingle past the grand finale, that will just be the end of our official entertainment.

As a reminder, you will need to get ahold of me to be invited to the group to come to the event since it's cross server. You can add me on bnet at Lahcania#1539, pm me on discord at Arahe#6448, @ me on any of the discords I'm in, post in our event discord ( https://discord.gg/enTt5Sf ), or even post here! We just need your <character name>-<server> so that we can invite you! Don't forget to include special letters! If know for sure you'll be there when invites start going out 15 minutes before the event starts, you can send that information to me anytime between now and the beginning of the event to be put on the invite lists.

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