Upright Orcs Make No Sense

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11/22/2017 03:02 AMPosted by Roargathor
11/19/2017 07:23 PMPosted by Imatroll
Orcs are basically Blizzard's favorite race and consistently get undue attention. They are way more interested in orcs than the actual player base is.

That is because Orcs are awesome. See what happens when we get our posture fixed. Soooo many more orc players will suddenly appear.

i know I'll be a happy orc being able to stand up right

11/19/2017 06:47 PMPosted by Luph
As we all know, all Orc players are lowly peons. It makes no sense to let them stand straight when they are good for nothing other than carrying a heavy load.

Pretty much like Gnomes, lol
11/21/2017 09:12 AMPosted by Morgam
What doesn't make sense is that the Horde can hire chiropractors but the Alliance apparently can't.

Got a real bad case of the hunch over here dogg.

Hate to break it to you, man, but you’re a quadruped. You’re not really built to stand upright. OK, maybe the skeleton is hybridized to an extent; but the head and shoulders are still built for quadrupedal locomotion. That’s inevitably going to lead to some hunching when walking upright.
11/21/2017 09:18 AMPosted by Valdrane
11/19/2017 06:52 PMPosted by Luph

Did you know that the average Gnome has 10x more neurons in their brain than an Orc's?

That doesn't stop this from happening...


Gnomes are nothing but athletic equipment.

Gnomes make excellent contraceptives...

This doesn't justify how Orc Mages and Warlocks are successful, being both classes are based purely on intellect/willpower.
11/19/2017 06:47 PMPosted by Luph
carrying a heavy load.


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