Gnomeland Security Recruitment Post

Azuremyst and Staghelm
Looking for general members and raiders for Tuesday (Heroic @ 7 p.m. ST) and Thursday (Normal @ 7 p.m. ST) night raiding.

If you are looking to join a long standing guild for guild related activities or wanting to raid at a more focused level or a more general level GSec can accommodate you.

Tuesday night runs are progress focused, get the most out of the time we have for raid progression and farm at the Heroic difficulty level. The last 3 tiers we have cleared tier in tier and our goal remains the same for Antorus.

Thursday night runs are "pants off" and focused on a more laid back atmosphere and a good ice breaker for those wanting to raid or gear alts.

If you are interested hit me up in-game.
I read in another post that the realm is dead and I guess you could indeed look at it that way if you so choose to.

Here are a few things though that you can say regarding this realm and it's "life" that might not be as fun as dumping on it and jumping ship but arguably be strong reasons to stay and find a guild that is not only surviving but is being successful in that.
  • There is absolutely no delay from overpopulation. Farming mats, killing quest mobs, logging in, etc.
  • The trade chat has a character not available on high pop servers. We know who most players are who "contribute" to /1, /2 and /say. Maybe that isn't a big thing for you but it is a feeling of comfort for me even if it leads to an ignore.
  • There is no wall preventing character improvement with /lfg and WQ grouping available 24 hours a day 365 days a year (with the exception of maintenance.)
  • Outside of mythic, X-Realm raiding works. That's really all there is to say.
  • Most importantly, those who are still here are potentially more ready and able to join and contribute to tight knit communities who seek to play the game not just for some sort of electronic glory but also the social aspect of the game itself. Something that I know from firsthand experience occurs in Gnomeland Security.
If this feels right to you, reach out to us. Give us a try.
Feelsbadman, probably has me on ignore...

I would echo Noridel's 2nd post. We have found the success we were looking for from the comfort of Staghelm/Azuremyst by utilizing the ability to use players from other realms to fill our raid group. The mentality of players from a smaller realm is somewhat different from those of larger, more populated ones and I've come to appreciate the fact that I can have my General Tab open while sitting in a major city and visit with players not in my guild without getting flooded with players looking for groups/guilds/guild members/arena partners/gold advertisements/trading (lolwhat?). Those things exist, but on a smaller, less spammy level, which I like.

It's for these reasons and more that I've been here for a long time and will continue to stay.

Good luck with recruitment Noridel, let me know if any of your members are interested in a raid group for their alts even later in the evening. :)

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