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As of January 3rd my new schedule will sadly inhibit me from raiding with my currently guild. They have been the best group of people I have raided with and it saddens me to leave them.

Like a girl who has just been dumped by her abusive boyfriend, I am both fragile yet optimistic about the future.

Currently I am 941 ILVL with 72 traits and 7/9M ToS. I've been playing WoW for over 8 years. I will have cleared 11/11H Antorus by the end of this week (first week). I am still actively a part of my current guild, but need to plan for the future.

I cannot raid monday or tuesday evenings anymore, and realistically I am looking for a weekend raiding guild. I would prefer a guild that raids 2 nights a week, but if the guild looks like a good fit I will also consider joining a 3 nights a week guild.


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