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Hi All,

I'm looking to get into raiding. I usually play healers but I can play any role. Im on Ysera/Durotan. Are there any guilds looking for more for their team. I'm probably terribly undergeared (900-906 on most toons) but am willing to work to improve. Let me know if anyone is still recruiting. Horde or Alliance just looking for some chill people.
Greetings Mirek,

My name is Dogtag and I am the Recruitment Officer for the Guild: Hordes of Chaos.
I saw your post and I would like the opportunity to speak with you about our Guild.

I'll post a link at the bottom of this post to our Guilds Recruitment Thread. If you have some time, please take a look at it. And if you'd like to talk more, my BTAG ID is at the bottom.

You mentioned that you're looking to get into raiding, but that your gear is not the greatest. The grind for gear can be a daunting task, but we can help you with that.

We care more about the person playing the character rather than the ilvl or raid progress of the character. We've been together for over ten years now and our main focus has been and will always be our members. As a Guild we all work very hard to maintaine a welcoming, friendly and fun atmosphere.

Like I said before, I'd like the opportunity to speak with you more about our Guild if you're interested.

I look forward to speaking with you soon,

Hordes of Chaos

Guild Recruitment Thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759360312
<Tight Ship> (9/9H ToS) is recruiting RDPS and healers for Antorus progression. We also do weekly Mythic+ runs. We try to maintain a high level of guild activity whether that be Mythic plus runs, occasional pvp, or general chatter while completing weekly activities. Our raid nights are Tu/Thur7-10pm Server. For more info message Elwyrn#1807 or Mavzerick#1157
You may take a look at the guild I am in. It is Grievance on Proudmoore. It is a casual 18+ guild.

You can see more here

or here at the guild site

and apply here if you decide to join us

Most nights you can find 15-30 people on so it is not dead outside of raid days :) You can almost always get a full guild run for mythic +s.
The members are very welcoming and helpful. You can find many of them in Teamspeak.

You do not have to raid but if you would like to, we have 2 raid teams. These teams clear normal and heroic content.

DPS slots available

Accomplished Casual Raiding (2 Groups)

    Tuesday (6PM PST - 8PM PST) Antorus (Heroic) (ilvl 930) (Normal) (ilvl 915)

    Friday (6PM PST - 9PM PST) Antorus (Heroic) (ilvl 930) (Normal) (ilvl 915)

    Saturday (6PM PST - 9PM PST) Antorus (Heroic) (ilvl 930) (Normal) (ilvl 915)

Sundays are an open normal raid for alts and anyone else that wants to join and are very casual. Just log in and ask for an invite for this one

Open Night (Main/Alt/Members) (1 Group)

    Sunday (5PM PST - 7PM PST) Antorus (Normal) (ilvl 915) OR Tomb of Sargeras (Heroic) (ilvl 900)

For questions you can contact Isilaura, the recruiting officer. If she is not available you can find me, Torvi (jazzllanna#1246), or any other officer to answer any questions.

I have been there nearly a year and would recommend it to anyone. The members are great and very welcoming. :)
Howdy Mirek,

Disgruntled is an alliance casual raiding guild on Stormrage. If you are interested in eventually doing Heroic AOTC only raiding (or just have questions), then reach out to me on BNET (Voden#1335) or Discord (voden#0790).

Happy to chat about leveling, gearing, mechanics whatever. I am looking to build a pipeline of players to support our current raiding efforts (9/9H ToS, 6/11N Antorus) as Legion winds down and we look ahead to Generically Named Expansion (BFA). So far we have a couple of new players starting from scratch, and a few re-rolls that are either just hit 110 or are leveling up. We will be doing catch-up/training raids at least once a week along with M+ for gear. Once you hit 920ish you will be eligible to join the progression team.

For the full details:
Happy Holidays Mïrek :)

I have a Heroic raiding guild called The Killer Bunnies Alliance side on Duskwood/Bloodhoof that is in need of DPS (with a healing OS would be great).
We value player personality and attitude along with skill and who you are and your sense of humor is as important to us as what you can do.
The pertinent information:
  • We are 7/7 HEN, 3/3 HTOV, 10/10 HNH, 9/9 HTOS, 6/11 NABT.
  • We raid Tuesdays and Fridays 7:30 EST with volunteer Saturdays for when we are working on mechanics for new bosses.
  • We are friendly, mostly quirky, sometimes serious, always working to improve and most importantly out to have fun.

Our Forum Post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754416505
Our Guild Website: http://thekillerbunnies.us
WoW Progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/duskwood/The+Killer+Bunnies
And our facebook pagewhere you can get an idea if we would be a good home for you: https://www.facebook.com/TheKillerBunnies/
Please feel free to message or add Anaranae#1516 or Lunixia#1530

Thank you for your time and have a great day,
<TaintSmashers> is looking for people like you! I'm Volk one of its officers. <TaintSmashers> is a Alliance guild on the Whisperwind, and Dentarg servers. We are group of guys n gals that are semi-hardcore raiders looking for more people to join in on the fun.

We have only two goals that being getting AOTC and having fun while we raid. Only four weeks after the guilds creation were we able to get AOTC for TOS. We aim to do so for the following raids, and possibly mythic if we get enough people behind the idea.

Raid times
We raid every Friday and Sat 8pm EST to 11pm EST
We also run a alt night Tue 8:30pm EST to 11pm EST

What we offer
A solid group of raiders.
A group of people to hang out with.
Great raid leads with exp to boot.
What we want
Know thy fights! (Dont be afraid to ask about mechanics aswell if you don't.)
Be prepared. Pots/Flasks/food/etc
While you are with us, have some fun.

If you are interested at all in <TaintSmashers> then shoot me a msg! Ill throw you a discord invite to you and we can talk more about the guild.

Crusader4500@1474 My B-tag
Beef#12743 - Guild Leader B-tag

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