A | 932 Holy Paladin | LF 2 Night Guild

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A | 932 Holy Paladin | LF 2 Night Guild

About me -
Been playing since close to launch with experience in nearly every tier.
I'm a team player; I will never complain about loot or randomly not show up.

Willing to play Ret as off-spec if needed.

Also interested in guild Mythic+.

Days: Prefer 2 days
Time Zone: EST
Alliance only
Trials and transfers are fine.

Experience: Most heroics and a bunch of scattered mythics. Kill dates should be in my achieves.

Recent-ish Experience
Legion: 7/7 M EN, 6/10 M NH, Skipped ToS
WoD: Didn't raid
MoP: 14/14 H SoO
Cata: 8/8 H DS

If interested, please send me a PM: Goldenjon#1370

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