So. Demon Hunters.

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Demon hunters aren't more inherently edgy than 90% of what the playerbase already has access to, anyway.
I've RP'd with priests that have backstories that make my DH look like a carebear. But Dax has tattoos and horns, so... "lol emo loser".

Dark story elements and characters get mocked so relentlessly that a lot of people don't bother actually considering if it's good writing. But then at the same time, pandaren are as easy going and lacking edge (cuz fat, hah) as a race could be, and they get mocked too. So it may be less of an issue people take with dark elements, and more just that WoW's playerbase is... well, whiny. That sounds harsh, but I'd just be beating around the bush wording it any other way. A LOT of WoW players demand not only perfection, but their personal definition of it, and will bellyache to no end when they don't get that. I think baseless complaints can often drown out things that could potentially be cool RP, because it gets made into a meme before it has a chance to take off.

And if that doesn't apply to you, then that's fine. I'm definitely not talking about any one person. If you're objective though, it's inarguable that Blizzard can't win for losing with a lot of their playerbase.
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I came to this thread for ideas on RPing my DH, but now I really want Lathoril to use that line on my rogue because I think her leading a DH on a wild goose chase through Stormwind could be the highlight of my week.

ICly, Lathoril is on Argus trying to do exactly what he's sworn his life to doing... Buuuuut I figure once that's over in a few weeks and Lathoril is still walking around, then I'll be more then happy to RP these kinds of scenarios with people.
I can completely understand the hard time people have getting involved in RPing a Demon Hunter. In fact, even after I wrote the guide that most people refer to - I'm Jack, hi - for lore advice and whatnot dealing with Demon Hunters, I couldn't stomach it.

WoW RP doesn't lend to the themes that "make sense" for your run-of-the-mill demon hunter, less so for Battle for Azeroth.

Afrasiabi touched on the subject of Demon Hunters post-Legion and said something to the effect of, "Demon Hunters want to protect Azeroth. I'm sure they'll just keep on doing that." To me, that's a cop-out answer.

I've wanted to have Demon Hunters for years and years. Used to RP on back on the stupid WC3 RP maps. They're disappointing to me. I can't honestly recommend anyone to play one, especially going forward.

They are way, way more pigeon-holed into their narrative than any other class and in a far more narrow niche than a Death Knight.

If you'd like to discuss character ideas, would like help with character building, or anything like that - feel free to message me in game.

I'm either on Mathue or Istevol. That offer goes for anyone.

Edit: In my opinion, Demon Hunters are the biggest disappointment in WoW I've ever had.
I remain perplexed by the arguments that limit demon hunters.

That's not to dismiss your opinion and experience, those things are subjective and perfectly of value. Perhaps if I'd tried to RP a demon hunter, I'd feel the same way.

But where some see a pigeon-hole, I see a... microscope? Uuuuuh, a set of blinders? That narrow focus seems like it would lend to really interesting explorations of character.

I mean, is your life really over once you've met your goal? THE goal? You saw what nobody else could see, could even fathom, and you took the nuclear option, damning your soul for eternity (I... guess?) on the off-chance that maybe something of the world you love survives it.

And it worked. So now what?

I don't think any class lends itself so easily to that sort of question, not even death knights. My demon hunters are mostly focused on the task at hand right now, but I'm really eager to explore what comes next.
When you think about it, both demon hunters and void elves pursued similar paths by trading everything they knew and loved to specialize in combating the prime adversaries of their universe; Demon hunters against the Burning Legion, and void elves presumably against the Void Lords. I personally foresee a strong bond forming between the two come BfA. Mine would certainly be open to the idea, anyways.
I think the idea of a DH going forward is harder if you focus on the "I've sacrificed everything to defeat the Legion" thing. If your character believes they've suffered a net loss in the name of this one goal, then achieving said goal just leaves them in a bad spot with no clear justification.

You could still write a good story about how they try to pick up the pieces, though naturally some things can't be undone.

But there's nothing that says a DH can't like who and what they are. And after winning a fight against one of the biggest, baddest mofos around, why not look for new and exciting outlets for their rad demonic powers?

"That's not how DHs were portrayed in lore." You're absolutely right. DKs serving in the Alliance and Horde armies was a change too - one that makes sense for the individual characters, and that still leaves room for their class-specific quirks. A DH who's still dealing with their inner demon can similarly find a new but viable niche.
It'll be sort of cool to see what people do with Demon Hunters after Legion ends. They sacrificed everything™ to make that happen, and now it is done. What are they gonna do with the rest of their lives? Do night elf demon hunters have any remaining loyalty to their people that would lead them to become bitter partisans against the horde after Teldrassil is destroyed? Do they dedicate themselves to the next threat--the void? Or do they retire to open up a cheese shop in Silvermoon?
Can always check out Dark Embrace on Moon Guard for Demon Hunter RP :)

We're the epitome of murderhobos that live in a hole in the ground.

Mind, this hole does contain a portal nexus we can sacrifice souls to open portals to attack the legion with, so... Useful.
Trias' Cheese ain't got nothing on Flameseeker's Fromage.
11/27/2017 09:29 AMPosted by Conjurus
Trias' Cheese ain't got nothing on Flameseeker's Fromage.

its illidelicious
11/27/2017 09:29 AMPosted by Conjurus
Trias' Cheese ain't got nothing on Flameseeker's Fromage.

/challenge to knife edge deathmatch
11/27/2017 12:16 PMPosted by Karmas
11/27/2017 09:29 AMPosted by Conjurus
Trias' Cheese ain't got nothing on Flameseeker's Fromage.

/challenge to knife edge deathmatch

Cheese knife vs. cheese glaive.
*falls down* You got me gouda. *exeunt*
My DH goes forward for her wife.

Man oh man, I hope the Cenarion Circle doesn't get all tense with BFA happening. Some of her wife's students are tauren and trolls and such. Yikes.

But, uh, on the topic of my DH and edginess? She's moreso just the fun lesbian aunt who makes dumb and/or inappropriate jokes at family gatherings. She's my big ol' comedic relief girl, and I love her to bits.
Very salient question now that Antorus is out. In some ways, we've had the most linear narrative of all the classes and it's difficult to envision a DH focused on anything less than killing demons while the Legion is still active. Due to the universal distaste of fel, we're shoehorned into being lepers(I wonder if Blizz allowed cross-faction DH talk because of this).

But after this is over.. everything opens up. What does a fel-disfigured elf do with their long life now that the world-ending threat they've dealt with for thousands of years is out of commission and their leader is somewhere out there battling Sargeras for eternity?

I envision Vekk becoming something of a ranger, trying to lose himself in nature to reconnect with a normal life again. I feel PTSD-like symptoms would be common. Of course demons will still appear as a threat on Azeroth, even without the Burning Legion, but would that be enough? Blizzard has given us zero context for this question and I really hope they establish something before BFA hits.
I've kinda shelved my DH to the side, for RP reasons. I do want to RP them, but I like to stick as close to the lore as possible, and RP on a DH that's not killing demons isn't very lore abiding in my eyes.

I have other characters to RP, so my current plan is to shelve this DH until BfA, and the demon invasion is over, and then it'll be interesting to write up a future for a DH where he lacks a purpose, and must find a reason to carry on.
Warlocks are still - somehow - going to be able to summon demons and have all of their spooky demon powers. Maybe you just need to channel your Burning Legion rage into opposing what is - by all accounts - the last vestige of that power?

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