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Anyone else watch it? Thought it was pretty nicely done. Looking forward to next episode.
Recording the season on DVR. I like to wait to watch 2-3 episodes at a time. Looking forward to this show, looks good. Also recording Vikings which is on right before.
I like the actors (and characters) so far. Parts of the storyline seem cliché. Fight scenes and blood look kinda fake but ah well.

First episode 7/10
Yes, yes I did.

It's amazing the contrast with the vikings...


Meanwhile on the continent...

(And this isn't what people said or happened it's just how I re-imagine what happened in terms of it's feeling between two random characters)

I can't understand why we would do this, we risk alienating these groups and doing something unconsionable!

I know, that's why we must do this, we must do it avoid further bloodshed despite the problems it will bring.

I can't help but think there is a better way...

I know, perhaps if we were to make ourselves more known to them, allow them to see our role in this and that we are not the enemy, then we could-

But that would risk antagonizing-

I know!

But do you have a better idea?

Perhaps if we were to be more level, instead of extending the offer to everyone make it clear that it goes only to those who supported the cause, and that the others must either fend for themselves or-

Yes I think that may work.

Of course, but even though it may work, our success is predicated not just our own efforts, but by the efforts of everyone may it all be realized.

Yes, I hope it may be so.

Strength be with you.

And with you as well.
Finally watched the first two episodes.

Episode 1 made me almost not to watch any more. I actually have a little history in video production and advertising where I notice stuff that other people don't notice... I hate all the head shots (like that can on his head had about an earth orbit around him) and the "let's steal this cool special effect from other stuff".

I did laugh at the arrow to the knee.

Second episode and less of the stuff that annoys me, but stylistically a lot of it is still there.

Acting ok. Having to add in sex story lines to "make it interesting" well... ok... but I don't want a wanking show, I want a historical drama.
Caught up with the first four episodes.

Hubby is enjoying it. Me not so much.

Could be just fine with the historical material. But now... just like children's cartoons we need to have magic and stuff -- I wouldn't rag on it if it was supposedly pure fantasy, but it's not. Because we can't write our way out of a wet paper bag??
Ok, once I gave up on any amount of historical accuracy I started enjoying it more.

There is still stylistic stuff I don't like but as pure fantasy, it's not so bad.

PS: The name "Gawain" is NOT pronounced Ga-wain. It's Gow-an.

I did laugh at the arrow to the knee.


Omg, that was really in there? That's funny! XD
02/23/2018 03:23 PMPosted by Bubbajoe
Omg, that was really in there? That's funny! XD

Yeah, first episode. Turns out it's a pretty significant plot thingy.

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