<No Discipline> Recruiting Alliance

Frostmane, Ner'zhul, and Tortheldrin
<No Discipline>
5/11M 11/11H Antorus on US Alliance (Ner'zhul-Frostmane-Tortheldrin)
LF - Skilled, competitive players interested in M+ and participating in our Friday runs to compete for progression raid spots.

Raid Times:
Progression: 7:15-10:30 PST on Tuesday/Thursday (Currently clearing Heroic and then Mythic pulls on progression days)
Lower difficulty: 7:15 PST-Completion on Friday (Currently clearing Normal). These also occasionally and without scheduling occur on Wednesdays or over the Weekend.

About Us:
We are a semi-hardcore progression guild, the core ~10 of which has been raiding together for years. We are mostly age 20-30 guys who enjoy hanging out in discord, pushing M+, and playing other games together when not raiding. We have a few reasonable expectations for our raiders, and they are as follows;
1) Attendance is very important and if you plan on being absent for a day of progression, we expect to be given notice reasonable to the situation
2) Complete your M+ for the week to yield the highest possible gear in weekly chest
3) Be eager to learn/get better
- We aren't perfect, neither do we expect you to be. However please come prepared to each new encounter with your class/role specific background and make constant improvements
4) Join voice comms during any and all organized guild content.

No mythic raiding experience is necessary, but having Warcraftlogs of heroic performance will allow us to evaluate you as a prospective trial.
If any of this interests you please feel free to message me here or get in touch with an officer/GM using the RealID's below:

(GM) Quórra - Michael#11494
Notasavior - James#11347
Englavian - Englavian#1701
Fuddggee - ElDaneish#1319
Khaenan - canaan#11755

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