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The FIRST toon I rolled was a tauren shaman, way back in vanilla. I played for about five days, got bored, and wandered on to other things.

I came back because one of my friends egged me on in BC. And she told me to roll a druid, because I could become a bear. Her character was a night elf hunter, so I had to go night elf, too. I hadn't fully realized how OP the fun factor of turning into a bear was the first time I played WoW. The second time stuck.

And I've been here since, except for a three year break when work and internet were not conducive.

Same night elf druid. Still turns into a bear. I'm very attached to her.

I play horde fairly frequently, and I love it quite a bit. But it doesn't make me squishy in the heart region like visiting Ashenvale on Anyaka does.
I picked horde when I started mainly because of the "only 12 year olds play alliance" rumor. Yes, I'm fully aware it isn't true as I play both sides now but still main horde. I really liked the way undead looked also. Playable zombies just seemed really good. Their lore intrigues me even more.
I was a 14 year old girl who loved night elves after being obsessed with Warcraft 3

Then I read "hunters came tame a variety of beasts around the world to be their pet and fight alongside." when reading about classes

I instantly thought "OMG I CAN HAVE A PET DRAGON."

and that's the only reason my first main was a hunter
My first and still fav is a pandaren hunter. So I didn't have either faction planned. I just followed the storyline and because blowing up the ship stuck in the side of the turtle seemed like a monstrously terrible idea, I chose Alliance rather than follow after Ji Firepaw .

And to be honest I'm glad. I've dabbled on both sides, and while I've encountered plenty of Alliance quests that made me cringe, they never made me want to stop playing the game like the Horde ones have.
Well my dwarf paladin here was my first character I ever made in Wow....some time around late Feb 2005. I played DnD and ADnD....was even a DM for a few years. My dwarf paladin in WoW is homage to my dwarf paladin I played in DnD for so many years.

Thus I went alliance.
My very first toon was a night elf hunter back when the game first came out. I wanted to be a pretty alliance character thinking that it was gonna be like Warcraft 2 and I'd get to build pretty castles and stuff, but I also wanted to be a hunter since every other MMO I played, I was a hunter. My boyfriend at the time and his friends suggested we switch from ragnarok online to WoW but going from 2d sprites to 3D set off my motion sickness and I quit after I got to level 12.

Fast forward to a few years later and another new boyfriend, his crush got him to play the game and being the jelly type, I joined too but this time as a blood elf pally and haven't left since. Except for skipping cata, that was god awful.
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Well my dwarf paladin here was my first character I ever made in Wow....some time around late Feb 2005. I played DnD and ADnD....was even a DM for a few years. My dwarf paladin in WoW is homage to my dwarf paladin I played in DnD for so many years.

Thus I went alliance.

I like people who likes dwarves, best DnD race ever, ofc there are the additional races that are quite interesting and I've loved to play in DnD like Tieflings, funny enough we have that now in WoW with the Illidari to some extent hahahaha
i main DK picked it because it felt they werent ally or horde but their own little faction sooo i picked the Ebon Blade
I started playing when Wow was maybe three months old. At that time, the friend who talked me into it played Horde and on an RP server. It was really nice at first, then when the Burning Crusade came out we were suddenly over run by people rping slutty blood elves all over the place. Couldn't quest without running across two mostly naked elves doing the dirty right in the open.
I decided to switch to Alliance only to find it was even worse over there. I even got whispers asking if I wanted to erp. Enough was enough, and though I had found a liking for rping, the erp thing wasn't my thing so I returned to Horde and learned to avoid Silvermoon, where the majority of that stuff happens, stick to soloing or playing with good friends mostly too. Besides, I do like the Horde storylines best.
I chose my first faction due to "Das Schwarze Auge" German version of D&D. My character was a healing elf priest.
I started on Horde, made an undead. Thought it was neat. Was slowly getting tired of the Horde so I switched in MOP and ever looked back. I look back fondly at the Horde days but now I am Alliance. It is fun for me!
Friends who no longer play, RIP
started out as Alliance, but changed to Horde back in WoTLK bc Alliance was just so bad in BGs

I feel like I fit in better with the Horde, anyway
this guy, every man stun break was good for tanking at the time, i wanted to tank and that every man stun break helped my tanking plenty!
A friend talked me into playing the game and he only played Alliance, so if I wanted to play with him (my only reason for starting at the time) I had to do the same thing.

I probably would have started with and mained Alliance anyways though just because of Draenei, but I'd also likely be a lot more balanced between the factions if I started playing of my own accord.
Horde has 8ft tall walking, talking cow people.
I flopped between Horde and Alliance for a while when I first started, but it's the questing and storylines that got me. Horde was just that little bit more flawed and ridiculous. They feel more like a ragtag bunch of misfits screwing up constantly and trying desperately to stay afloat. I personally found that more interesting.
My friend who played WoW before me played Horde, so I joined him.

My first character was a Troll Shaman.

These days I play both factions regularly, but the Horde will always be my preference.

Man, the days when I didn't know a thing about WoW or what I was doing.

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