So, Who's Excited?

Emerald Dream
High Mtn...

*IF* we get extra slots, I'll move over a couple of tauren's from another server, and convert them to High Mtn awesomeness...because, you know, Tauren's rule, all others drool.
11/17/2017 02:52 PMPosted by Toie
I think it's about time they open up all classes to all races. They could muddle their own lore (I mean, they do it already anyway..) to explain it away. Techno-druids would be AMAZING and I'd be the Goblin Queen!

Won't lie, I'd probably pay an extra fee to have a tauren rogue.
Doesn't an erect orc sound fearsome?
11/17/2017 07:30 PMPosted by Rykoon
Doesn't an erect orc sound fearsome?

say that again, but this time slowly.
I think a Dark Iron Fire Mage or Warlock would be super cool to try playing.
I would've been way more excited about making a Zandalari druid if they went full dino on the forms. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem like it will happen. I'll probably still make a Zandalari something at some point, though.

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