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Guild Recruitment
Hello, I'm currently looking for a raiding guild that is relatively friendly and is looking to progress or farm content. I've played WoW for the entirety of the games life. Tanked in Vanilla, casual gamer during BC, Mythic world first racer in WotLK, very casual Cata, heroic/mythic raider Pandaland, casual raider WoD, and looking to pursue a heroic~ guild for legion.

My schedule as of current is all central time based.
5PM - 9PM Monday - Friday
11PM - 1AM Monday - Friday
Very inconsistent on Saturdays and cannot raid Sundays.

-Are you willing to transfer?
Ready and willing to change servers at any time.

-Would you faction change?
*Would like to avoid that at all cost.

-What spec do you play?
*I play demonology as I find it the most interactive and fun for my style and taste.

-Would you play another spec due to demonology being subpar on some fights.
*Prefer not to honestly, but I can play destro, but will NOT play affliction. And yes I know it is currently the best.

-Devotion to the game?
*I'd play it everyday if able. I am a loving husband and cook every day as well as massage every night. Along with family those take priority over any game.

-Do you have any alts?
*I have a pretty decently geared warrior that will remain horde.

-What are your professions?
*Eh bounce from mining and JC, to Tailoring and whatever.

If you are interested in me and what I could offer whisper me in-game or reply I will check this post everyday till I find a home.
<Tight Ship> (4/11H) is recruiting RDPS for Mythic Antorus progression. We also do weekly Mythic+ runs. We try to maintain a high level of guild activity whether that be Mythic plus runs, occasional pvp, or general chatter while completing weekly activities. Our raid nights are Tu/Thur 8p-11p EST. For more info message Mavzerick#1157 or visit: https://discord.gg/gsQUhv2
Hello There!

<Smashed Potato> is a newly formed guild and currently recruiting to fill our heroic roster. We raid Tues/Thurs 7-10pm central. We are currently on Sargeras Alliance. We full clear normal and are working on Heroic progression, but need more people for some of the harder fights. We have many active members on during the week and run carries and mythic plus groups.

You can add me to bnet Vixii#1551 if you have any questions or interested in joining. I would love to have another warlock!

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