ele eye of the twisting nether

i just got this do i ignore the frost part or use frost shock every 8 seconds or use icefury help im scared
Elemental Blast triggers all three effects. Using that on cooldown (and ignoring Frost Shock, so losing ~4 seconds of the ice buff) was enough for it to be my best legendary until Soul of the Farseer dropped. With Elemental Blast you should have two of the buffs up nearly 100% of the time and the other buff up nearly 66% of the time.
And if you don't run Elemental Blast or Icefury, don't go out of your way to weave Frost Shock into your rotation.
The increase in damage is negligible. Though I'm the type of person that encourages other ele shamans to try icefury because it's really fun and helps greatly for heavy movement fights. With icefury build you can have the buff up almost 75% of the fight.

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