[H][Bleeding Hollow] 930 Rogue+Mage LF Guild.

Guild Recruitment
930 Assassin + 930 Fire looking for raiding guild on BH. (possibility of a 900 Resto Druid friend coming with)

Both have decent raid experience, took a break when ToS came out (had been playing since EN). Came back a few weeks ago to catch up gear for new raid, now looking for a new place to raid! Both play mechanics well and do decent damage. Use discord and will show up every raid on time. One has Cooking one has Alchemy for raid goodies.

When: TUESDAY/THURSDAY (only available days for us)

if you got room or wanna trial us hit me up! (Always on answer Discord)

Bnet: Cuzo #11815
Dcord: Cuzo #8664

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